I don't wanna just be one of those negative internet guys, so I wanted to see what you guys think...
What do you think of the new pack from halloween.com?
I'll buy just about anything Ghostbusters usually. This pack seems a little lacking to me for the price.
The seam on the shock mount spring is torturing me, but I feel like the lack of electronics is the real killer.
Is the high price due to the Alice frame? It seems expensive compared to the relatively "feature ritch" pack from Spirit. (I bought one of those too)
And I'm genuinely curious, as I know almost nothing about being a retailer or manufacturing or anything like that.
I'm reserving judgment until I see video reviews of them in-hand, but the press photos and renders leave me with the impression that there are significant flaws in the design that I question whether the people willing to spend $500 on are willing to accept.
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And, I mean honestly, it's really not a bad price for a starting point for a project. But it seems about the same starting base for a project that the spirit one does.
I'm not judging it till I see some public reviews either. I may even want to buying one still.
In the press videos, the cyclotron lights aren't even smooth. That really surprised me. Because there's that gap of rotation
You're better off buying a full size Spirit Pack and spending an extra $100 on mods and you're STILL saving a couple hundred.

If you're not doing any mods at all....then you can buy 2 full size Spirit packs with much better lights and sounds.

It's a baffling pack release for $500.
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Seems like it caters more to fancy dress/Halloween/stag parties etc. rather than to cosplayers. I don't have a problem with that.

Note to Americans: Spirit does not sell outside of North America so this product is the only one Europeans can get hold of without the massive rigmarole of finding a friend in the States willing to repackage and ship etc. with all the customs and fees shenanigans that goes along with it. This probably would end up cheaper than importing a Spirit.
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Mercifull wrote: July 25th, 2023, 9:06 am Seems like it caters more to fancy dress/Halloween/stag parties etc. rather than to cosplayers. I don't have a problem with that.
At $500 a pop I'm not sure I know many folk that would pay that for a one-off costume, so I don't really get who their target market is really!
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I think you'd be surprised. They've been selling BTTF2 jackets for £200 for years and they want £30 just for a cap! People do pay for this, and they aren't too worried about hyper screen accuracy either. Price in the UK is around £470. I agree its high but I sold my 80% scale spirit pack for over £200 last year. They've got a lot of data on what things people buy. I'm sure they wouldn't have done this if they didn't think it was going to sell. The real crime isn't the price but the accuracy for that price. Missed opportunity for sure.
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I'm watching the GBNews video now. This pack just doesn't make sense to me.
That being said, I definitely don't know anything about sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, anything like that.
But I just don't get it. The "Alice" frame is really a nice touch, sure. But compared to the Spirit pack, it just seams weaksauce.
I don't wanna be one of those negative internet guys, so, ya know, YMMV.

What a time to be alive though, that we have multiple off the rack proton packs to choose from. Any one of which would have blown my mind in the late 80s.
I think for someone who missed out on the Haslab pack and can't get a Spirit Fullsized pack this could be a decent option. It's not going to be perfect by any stretch. But it could provide a good base to make a few mods to. I also don't think most people are going to care much about proportions not being perfect or screen inaccuracies. That's something only the most hardcore fans are going to notice/care about. And in those cases they can keep comments to themselves and let others have their fun. Or they can just spend the time/money and build a full scale hero/superhero replica and enjoy it without knocking on what others are doing.

Personally though? this wouldn't be my first choice on a budget pack. I'd rather go with a Spirit full sized and then take the difference in price between that and the Halloween.com pack and use to change the electronics. (Maybe go with a custom arduino setup or something.) But that's just me.
I guess they got the message.

It's now been reduced to only 500 units, AND it was just discounted to US$299 (also dropped on the Australian website so I'm assuming UK etc were also discounted). Get it while you can, I guess? :lol:

(Sorry to anyone who paid full price)
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prodestrian wrote: August 11th, 2023, 4:17 am I guess they got the message.

It's now been reduced to only 500 units, AND it was just discounted to US$299 (also dropped on the Australian website so I'm assuming UK etc were also discounted). Get it while you can, I guess? :lol:

(Sorry to anyone who paid full price)
Great option for international fans.
Hi all,

Just joined the forum and saw this article. Glad I didn't see it before I purchased.

I'm UK based so my pack options were limited, spirit packs aren't really available unless you're willing to part with scalper eBay prices. Then I saw this pack from Halloweencostumes.co.uk or fun.com (look identical ) at £289 plus postage, this was so close to what I could find spirit packs for from 3rd parties. I know eBay has buyer protection but anyway (cue a load of links now to better deals lol).

I found that with this pack from Halloween costumes.com I could get 10% back from topcashback, plus I bought it when they had a 10% offer on and stuck it on a cashback credit card via a pay in 4 offer. So I tried to shop smart. The pack looks 'ok' that's subjective I know as I don't have any others in had. I'm happy to post photos or answer questions or do a little writeup if anyone is interested or considering buying it.

I see it as a base for modding though, as im part way through 3D printing my trap and about to start on the ecto goggles. So I wanted a pack that was good enough to start with that I could add to or change over time. And that is mission accomplished as my 4 year old saw me in it and now thinks I'm a Ghostbusters so that's all I could really want.

What I'm interested in is how compatible this pack might be with the other packs in terms of buying upgrade parts for it. 3D printing bits to fit shouldn't be an issue as I can measure and scale.

I will from the start say the it's solid and robust. Lots of it seems to be from some kind of dense rubber / silicone though rather than rigid plastic/ABS. The red cyclotron lights, the lenses are a bit naff but they do light up and cycle nicely. THe battery, electronics and speaker is in the wand. The speaker is quiet! But there are 4 real metal toggle switches, one of them powers it on/off so that's 3 spare to use when I inevitably open it up! There are no lights in the wand or on the cooling/overheating guage on the pack, just the cyclotron. The ribbon cable looks good and do all the other pipes and cables. When I was comparing it to some of the spirit packs it seemed to have more. Probably not much if you could get either easily ie you're in the US but, if you're in the UK or EU this seems like a good option.

Thanks all. I'm looking forward to joining in on here 👍
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Admittedly, this Pack seemed at first like an okay piece for someone who didn't want to drop $1500 plus on a completed piece, or commit to working on building one from scratch. The price tag felt a bit high, especially since I think it was announced shortly after the HasLab Pack, and was clearly lacking in sculptural accuracy. Once the HasLab project ended, and no more could be sold, I figured this would be the next best option for fans (I already reserved my HasLab, so I wasn't going to be getting one).

That was before Spirit surprised us with their full-size Pack for half the price, a better overall sculpt, and better electronics. Once they revealed it, I honestly expected HalloweenCostumes.com to pull the plug on this, especially since they kept on delaying it. I'm definitely not surprised they've since dropped the price by $200, but even then, it's still not worth it. The Spirit Pack is another story entirely. Definitely not perfect, but very serviceable, especially compared to their 85% scale replicas. @GhostbustersGear over on Instagram made brilliant mods to his. If I hadn't seen the stock booster frame, I would've thought it was a proper screen-accurate build. I'm planning getting one myself, so I can have a Pack from the first two films, since my HasLab is in the Afterlife configuration.
Can anyone point me to a good source for some check dimensions as I want to find out the sizes of some of the common packs to see if this Halloween ones matches a scale of full size. Mainly so I can understand if I can buy upgrades for another pack and the will fit this. Thanks in advance
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