The next downloadable content update for Illfonic's Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is coming up, and in a developer stream preview earlier tonight on Twitch, and while the new ghost and map that will debut with the new DLC patch have been kept a secret for now, Community Coordinator Albert Huang and Design Director Jordan Mathewson gave viewers a preview of some of the other content that players will be able to use:

•Equipment shells, uniform, hairstyles and accessories based on Ghostbusters: Answer The Call
•Tenure Level III reward unlocked the suit/grey labcoat outfit similar to those worn by the Ghostbusters in their first television commercial.
•New clothing including hoodies and Hawaiian shirts.
•New blue Necroplast skins which will be unlocked by viewing streams by participating Twitch streamers (This event will run from August 1st until August 15th).

Albert and Jordan also revealed some of the technical tweaks that players will expect as part of the next update:
•Improved bot interactions.
•Improved Drudge haunt mechanics (and Drudge variants).
•"Clutter audio" experience during gameplay.
•RTC improvements.
•Ghost respawn tweak to provide a brief period of invulnerability after respawning via a rift.
•Improved visual aspect to the Side Hustles/Contracts.
•P.K.E. blast modified to work while the Proton Pack has been sabotaged.
•Object health bars have been given a visual update.
•The room icon changes to indicate how haunted a room is.
•Graphic tweaks to the XP notifications.
•Improved level-up animations.

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