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By Corbidorbidoodle
Hey, y'all. I want to play Unleashed with some other real people instead of just the 4 other bots every time. I only know a couple other local 'Busters, but I'd love to make some new friends anyway.
Anybody want to meet up at the firehouse and bust with me? I could use some help with contracts and stuff too. I'm never gonna be able to flush a thousand ghosts out of office chairs by myself, ya know?
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By carterodell
We appreciate your desire to play with actual humans. If you'd like to play with real people instead of bots, we can help you find other 'Busters in your area.

Join the Unleashed group on Facebook or Discord first if you haven't already. You can find other gamers in your region and set up meetups with the help of these groups. On or Eventbrite, you can look for local 'Buster organizations as well.
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By zeta otaku
It does! You need to set up an Epic account and friend people through that... it's also a minor pain to set up.

If you don't already have an Epic account linked to your PS5, fantastic. Go to a PC, make your account, then boot up Ghostbusters on your PS5. Attempt to link your account. It'll give you a website and a code. Go to the site, enter the code, and your game and console will be linked.

If you DO have an account linked to your console... it's more of a pain in the butt. You'll need to unlink your Epic account from your console from the Epic Games website (it'll give you warnings about losing data. Ignore them, you'll be fine), then boot up Ghostbusters on your PS5, attempt to link, go to the site, enter the code, and you're good to go.

There's no way to add friends in Ghostbusters, so you'll have to do it through Epic Games' launcher/friend list or in another Epic Games... game like Fortnite, Rocket League, or I THINK Fall Guys?
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