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I was wondering if anyone had any info on how the haslabs proton pack connects to the seperate spenglers (or the new 1984) wand?

Do we know which device controls which?
Has anyone tried to remake the connector?

I know of the different boards that people have that connect to spanglers wand to control the retrofitted spirit full size back, but from my understanding it is using the sound channel to relay information to the pack.

The reason I ask is I missed out on the haslab packs, and have been considering making a Qpack and connecting it to my haslabs wands.

Thanks in advance!
The Haslab board monitors the voltage draw of the wand veeeeeeeery carefully, when the wand is plugged into the pack. From that reading, it can tell what the wand is doing, and react accordingly. Since there are no sensors or outputs of any sort on the wand, that was Hasbro's only option (without getting into soldering and having people open up the wands).

There are a couple of aftermarket boards that can do the same thing, like NinjaTunes, which is a full replacement control board for the Haslab pack, which reads the power draw of the wand in the same way. So I assume it's possible.

There is no sound channel in the wand that relays information to the pack. That said, people have opened the wand and hijacked the sound output and simply run a new wire to the pack, to feed into other speakers, etc.
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I use an INA219 voltage/current sensor in my pack (it's not HasLab, it's a 3d printed pack with fully custom electronics). But you could definitely use this if you ran an Arduino in your pack.

You would wire it inline with the power supply to the wand (I don't know what voltage this needs, I'm sure it's documented somewhere).
Upload an example sketch to the Arduino which outputs the voltage draw to the serial console.

Record how much voltage its drawing with the wand off. Turn the wand on, record the new voltage reading. Fire the wand, record that reading. And so on.
Then it's easy to write code which reads the sensor and knows whether the wand is off, on, or firing. Obviously when the wand is off, no lights are on so it should be drawing almost no power. When you're firing, all the lights are on (and it's playing sounds too) so it's presumably a lot higher.

I'm not sure if someone has already documented all this, maybe you'll be able to find a gbfans thread which charts out the voltage draw in each state.

https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-ina ... t/overview
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