Just out of curiosity, for your uniforms, do you prefer the logo to have the imperfections (don't know if that's the right word) from the movies or do you like it to match standard logo that's seen everywhere?
I did a combination of machine, and hand sewing for the look of it.ImageImageMy patches are Felt for the white parts, so I guess screen accurate.ImageImageImage I'm not a credible source...

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My first suit had an idealized one, but ever since I received a replica of the "hand-made" patches that were used in the first film, it's really grown on me... Which is possibly handy seeing as the new movies have gone for replicas of those rough GB1-style logo patches.
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First & Second uniforms I made (Tan & Charcoal) were prior to the screen accurate patches being readily available so they both have the "idealized" versions.

I've since stockpiled a few Screen Accurate GB1 patches, and I'll grab an accurate GB2 patches as well to eventually acquire some Magnoli made-to-measure uniforms. But for now, not in any rush.
Because I view wearing my kit as a modern GB...say if the franchise thing ever worked out for GB Inc. Which maybe after Frozen Empire might come to pass but who knows? I wear an idealized logo because of that logic.

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