At C2E2 today in Chicago, the Funko-owned toy company "Mondo" teased a new project related to The Real Ghostbusters during a panel. Mondo is best known for their statues, sofubi, action figures, posters, and more. There was immediate speculation about the nature of the unveiling. Last October, Alex Brewer, a sculptor for Mondo, showcased concept art for a potential Real Ghostbusters toy line.

In an interview today with Toy Anxiety, Mondo's Senior Creative Director, attackpeter, unveiled what the Real Ghostbusters project would entail. Peter explained that Mondo would be producing 6-1/2 inch scale fully articulated action figures based on The Real Ghostbusters designs by Alex Brewer. These designs, which were initially just a fan-made side project six months ago, will now be brought to life by Mondo.

Peter confirmed that the line would feature characters directly from The Real Ghostbusters animated series, with a strong emphasis on ghosts and accessories. Figures would primarily be released in Deluxe 2-Packs, each containing two figures and an assortment of accessories. While the price is not yet confirmed, Mondo and others have produced 2-Pack figures in the $80-$125 range. The success of this line will depend entirely on fan response and demand; if demand is high, more options may become available for future products. This line could potentially include action figures of iconic characters such as Sam Hain, The Bogeyman, and The Sandman, among others.

Below are Alex Brewer's original concept figures for The Real Ghostbusters, with additional views available on their Instagram.



Thanks to Yes Have Some Podcast and Toy Anxiety for breaking the news!
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Holy Heisenberg!

The Diamond Select figures were a pretty high benchmark, but if the figures look even 80% as good as Alex's renders then these are gonna be pretty awesome... Gotta start saving up for these ones. :)
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Looks like I’ll be clearing some of my collection for these. This is the holy grail of Ghostbusters merch - accurate high quality RGB figures finally after the Chronicle debacle. Ghosts, too… it’s finally happening!

Ghost-wise if there are four sets initially I assume Slimer, Sam Hain, Sandman, Boogieman.

But I guess it opens up the slight possibility of spectral variants, Wot , Umpire, possessed Ecto, Ghosts R Us, People Busters, Drool, Grundel, Ghash, Stay Puft etc
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Overall, good to know Mondo is still chugging along. Got kinda sketch when Funko laid off a bunch of their staff and officers last year.

Second, holy canoli if they look anywhere near those concepts... those would be some amazing ghost figures. To throw some other ones out there I hope to see: Cathulhu, Headless Motorcyclist, Belleranthon, Bird of Kildarby, Hob Anagarak, Bog Hound, Necksa, Undying One... oh, man. Looking forward to Comic Con now!
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Reiterating my previous post in more detail. Mondo's 8" Daria & Jane Figure Set is only $125 but not articulated - that would be a more affordable price point. They're 6" but we get 2x figures in a set - if they follow some of the 12" price points then we're looking at $200-250. Hopefully we get more details in July. A full set for $500 I could stomach but any more than that and I'd have to sell some major collectibles to justify.

If we get a Janine figure - please be season 1&2 Janine.
I totally forgot Alex Brewer also did a fan concept of Kylie. But I digress. RGB RGB RGB RGB. :D
https://ghostbustersnews.com/2023/11/03 ... -concepts/

On Saturday's Toy Anxiety and Sunday's Geek. Dad. Life., the convos with creative director Peter were interesting. He seems to hint not to expect the $80-100 price (it will be less it seems) and notes it was a hard license to get and he thanks Funko for helping them (Funko currently owns Mondo). They also quoted Alex Brewer saying he can't look at these October 2023 concepts because the ones for this upcoming line look way better.
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So funny. Had a long chat with one of my best friends last week about how Mondo would be one of my picks for someone to do an in-depth RGB line (them or NECA who have done wonders with their animated TMNT line)

Looks like we might be on the verge of some potentially expensive but definitive RGB figures.

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