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By RonnyT07
Yep, going “old school” like past builds. Some of you might remember me as “Slimer7/S-7” back in the day. Been working for the last several months on a scratch build RGB pack as I have done in the past. The core construction of the pack is done minus the detail work, drilling, sawing, mounting, fiberglassing, more filling and sanding, cosmetic plating, ordering some metal parts from BenOfKent (including a custom machined bellow for the bumper and a sheet of aluminum for the motherboard), and getting some random greeblies from my local hardware stores.

In the next few weeks I’ll be working on the thrower (primarily out of 1/4” plywood, pvc pipe/couplings, conduit boxes, and a lot of sketches), picked up a spirit soundboard and wand light kit which has the basic features I’m looking for. Definitely taking some creative liberties on this build but staying true to the original concept.

This started as a 1:1 foam board mockup to gauge the dimensions and how I’d need to construct this thing. I definitely took some tricks from my past film style pack builds for this process and found a few challenges along the way. The new addition is the fiberglass reinforced interior for added durability.

Currently I’m working with 1/4” plywood, 1/2” plywood, 1/8” basswood, 2” pvc with couplings, 3” pvc with couplings, and a few other oddball wood scraps I found at the workshop I’ve been utilizing.

I’m going to assume some comments will say “that thing is going to be heavy”. It might have a little heft but will be extremely durable.

Last year I completed an extreme pack which I have photos and videos posted on Facebook for those who haven’t seen. It’s found a new home since then. Definitely worth checking out!

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By RonnyT07
It was a thought that crossed my mind but being that this is a one-off, I’d go this route. I have certainly considered doing shell runs to offset the costs of creating a silicone and fiberglass jacket then offering copies but I doubted there would be enough interest. My employer was kind enough to allow me to utilize the woodshop on the weekends. I had similar thoughts when I did my extreme pack build last year. Either way, these builds have been a blast and brought be back to when my late father and I would do this stuff together.
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