The Ecto-1 is out of the restoration shop and on the promotional tour circuit for Vivendi Games. The car's first stop was here in Minnesota at the Best Buy Headquarters for an executive meeting with the higher ups. Many fans are noticing the inaccuracies, and overall the restoration is not great... but believe me.. it is better than nothing, and it still looks amazing.

The car's next stop will be at GameStop HQ in Dallas Texas on Friday April 18th.

I took 277+ photos of the car, and they are available in the reference section here: http://www.gbfans.com/equipment/reference/31/

Thanks to Alex Smith at Best Buy HQ for dropping the bomb on us all via Flickr. We wouldn't have known if it weren't for you!
You're a PUTZ, AJ, a PUTZ!

Never thought I would find myself wishing I was in Minnesota, but here I am.

Also, you might want to put up a general review of what you saw and experienced, to give an accurate and balanced perspective on how it's a fine restoration, yet at the same time the car is still getting the shaft.
Kalonthar wrote:Only makes me think of two things... Will the Ecto-1A make such a tour also when its finished and will the cars ever come to Washington State (you know, like everyone else is thinking when it comes to them and their state/area).
We don't know where the Ecto-1a is at right now. It may still be being restored.

The schedule is not public yet.

All I can say is it is going to Dallas on Friday.. after that it will be going on a 6 month promotional tour.
Fifthrider wrote:AJ? Did you ever think you'd actually be sitting IN "THE CAR"? I mean, ever since you were a kid and first saw the movie did you ever imagine that someday you'd be sitting in THE CAR itself?!
I didn't think I would ever have seen it.

I mean.. I woke up this morning.. and shortly after.. I found out and was on my way to see it. I didn't know for sure it was there until I got a call from my friend that works at BBHQ.

It was kind of surreal.. kind of disappointing.. but I still hung out with it for about 4-5 hours.
I failed a pop quiz today in my Lit class, and I'm sick as a dog, but this made my friggin week. I'm so jealous of you! I hope it stops in Florence; we have two Gamestops.
wow, its beautiful. hmm... i wonder if the tv screens playing the gb dvd behind the front seat were part of the original concept? :wink::lol:

and aj, please tell me those people in the rubies cos were geek squad employees.....
keoni02 wrote:wow, its beautiful. hmm... i wonder if the tv screens playing the gb dvd behind the front seat were part of the original concept? :wink::lol:
Actually, in one interior concept, it did have a small television screen... but it was mounted to the dashboard. :-)

Vivendi's the games arm of Universal, who are handling Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
Kingpin wrote:Vivendi's the games arm of Universal, who are handling Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
are you kidding me? vivendi sent out employees in rubie's cos!?!?!?! wtf? thats depressing

so, do we know if they are going to release a public schedule? if anyone hears of it coming to illinois, iowa, or wisconsin, please.... PLEASE let me know
This is a divergent topic, but related to cars as promotional vehicles for retail -- and it's funny.

I was the assistant store manager at a Rent-A-Center in Hammond, LA a few years ago. RAC used to sponser Ricky Rudd in NASCAR. They had four replicas of his car touring the country going to different stores. They were actual race cars matching the paint job of the original. So, very loud, very fast, lotta noise to bring in customers.

Our store was across the parking lot from Aaaron's, another rent-to-own outlet. The store manager and I talked the driver into peeling out in the Rent-A-Center race car right in front of Aaron's. The driver did like a four minute burn out and shot back across the parking lot to RAC. Smoke everywhere. Absolutely hilarious. The regional manager got on the phone to laugh it up with us over the incident the following week.

I doubt the ecto will be down to Louisiana, but one can hope.
hey everybody my name is jesse and i'm from nyc... i'm new and don't know alot about the site. i have to say that i'm pretty excited about all the good stuff that's happning wit ghostbusters. i been a big fan since i was kid and i hope to one day see ecto up close in person. i did see it one time when i was younger at universal but from far away. i hope they make the trip to nyc too.
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