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So...you heard that marvelous podcast, right? Remember how Ron and Jason went on about that guy and his website full of fan fic?

Well, he means this:


The stories were written in a continuity based on the Ghostbusters Timeline I first started writing in 1998, and first posted online five years ago. It's written from the point of view that the first movie and the first season of RGB were the peak of the franchise creatively, but almost everything else since is also counted as much as possible (ie the later, suckier RGB, GB2, the Now comics, EGB, and even 88MPH's comics) to form one semi-consistant continuity (because of the Timeline, it's sometimes referred to as the "GBOT" universe, and has a companion Timeline devoted to it here

I've posted a few fics in my GBFans Profile, but honestly, converting those stories from html to BBS is kind of a pain in the butt. With AJ's indulgence, I'll instead post links to specific stories here every few days until we're caught up to the present.

The latest story posted (I will edit this post as this changes)

May 13, 2024:
The Real Ghostbusters 2024: Every Future Has A Past
By Ghostdiva and Fritz Buagh
June 2024--Timeline Year Forty-Two
Eden Spengler and Edward Sanders. Johnathan Spengler and TJ Anderson. One couple only met a few months ago, the other has known each other for three years. Both are grappling with emotions and questions they're not accustomed to. But the future is calling, and it's time for some decisions to be made, and lives to be lived instead of just dreamt about.

This is a collaboration--Ghostdiva, creator of Dr. Edward Sanders, sent me part of a story an embarassingly large number of years ago, and we agreed I'd finish it when the time was right. Well, since the story was intended to take place in 2024 all along, and it's now actually 2024 for real, I knew it was time.
But now let the trip through the archives begin. We start with the very first story I ever submitted to GBN. Ectozone Fan Fic #001:

Ghostbusters: Fateful Encounter
Timeline: 1964/April 1991--Year Nine
Egon Spengler goes on a little trip to the 1964 World's Fair, and in the Mort Weisinger tradition has his "true" first meeting with someone of no small significance to him! Inspired by a scene deleted from Ghostbusters
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I decided to speed things up a bit, and post more than one story today. These were a few more of my earliest posted works

Ghostbusters: Terror on the Jersey Turnpike
April 1991--Timeline Year Nine
Ray's soap opera addiction! Venkman gets up early at 11 AM! Oh, yeah, and there's a biker punk from hell in there, too. Being the Ghostbusters, we mean that literally...
Ghostbusters: Invasion of the Danish Snatchers, Part One
April 1991--Timeline Year Nine
Egon and Janine's date is interrupted by the arrival of a crew of obnoxious gremlins who terrorize the Chateau Ritz restaurant. The rest of the Ghostbusters arrive to help out, but soon discover a teeny problem...

Ghostbusters: Invasion of the Danish Snatchers, Part Two
April 1991--Timeline Year Nine
When we last left our heroes, Egon, Janine, and Venkman had been captured by the irksome Galdori. So it's up to Ray and Winston to get them out of trouble...but it's not gonna be easy--the Galdori have a boss. And he's large, mean, and...solid.

One of my future GBWC teammates said he confused this story for a lost JMS script. I doubt that's literally true, but I could think of no higher compliment
Extreme Ghostbusters: Clinically Insane
August 1997--Timeline Year Fifteen
A highly speculative look at the "missing years" between Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters from the perspective of one of my favorite characters, Janine Melnitz...

This was actually the first one I wrote when I got back into Ghostbusters fandom in late 2002. I tried to tie together EGB (which i like) and resolve some of the lingering "conflicts" GB2 created in certain character issues. I didn't really intend for it to become GBOT canon at first, but it was a very well recieved story and did plug up some of the continuity holes well, especially taken in conjunction with later stories such as "The Zodiac Imperative" and Kingpin's 'As Dreams Fade"
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By Fritz
The first of the Ghostbusters West Coast stories. I'll cross-post my stories here, but to keep up with everyone else's keep an eye on the Ghostbusters West Coast fan fic thread

Opening Night Part One

April 2003--Timeline Year Twenty-One
The premeire of a new Disney movie is not usually a cause for terror. But tonight's a little different. A monster is on the loose and he's pissed. Who ya gonna call?
If only. They're three thousand miles away...

Opening Night Part Two

The saga continues! It's Peter Venkman and Joey Williams versus the Ravisher, armed only with their wits!

Opening Night Part Three
By Kyle Stevens, with RazorsEdge and Fritz Baugh

The wounded Jon Dennison is taken to Steven Point Hospital, where a young doctor tries to save his life. Too bad the Ravisher has other plans...

Opening Night Part Four

It's time for a recruitment drive, and you won't believe the characters that get chosen to be the new West Coast Ghostbusters. You really won't believe some of the ones who didn't make the cut!

Opening Night Part Five
By Ludicris and Ron Daniels

The Ghostbusters West Coast go into the field at last; it's a showdown with the Ravisher, but this time the there's particle throwers involved. And who is the surprise new member of the GBWC?
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By Fritz
Ghost Stories

August 1983--Timeline Year One
A mock news article about the debut of the world's first Professional Paranormal Investigators and Eliminators, a slice of the kind of press the Boys in Grey got when they burst onto the scene.

This is the first of three (to date) "newspaper" stories. They're great for "info dumps" of continuity information; this one was a great way of further integrating the GBOT universe version of the events of GB1 with some "forshadowing" of RGB and GB2
Ghostbusters: Future Shocks

March 1986--Timeline Year Four
The Ghostbusters of 2023 are contacted by a mysterious being, telling them that a time traveller with a malevalent agenda has recruited a familiar and much-despised face to his crusade. Can they stop these two twisted men from destroying the original Ghostbusters--and thus wrecking all of history?

"Future Shocks" is one of my keystone stories: it set into place my vision of the GBOT future, and gave hints to the fates of the characters. There are also hints to larger development that have yet to play out even now. John, Eden, Eric, TJ, and Marie have proven to be popular characters; their origin as Ghostbusters will be told soon in a story set in 2021 called "The Eye Of Aretpo"

Before I rewrote it to be GBOT compatible, I did a slightly different version which I later released as an "Apocrypha", meaning it doesn't count in continuity. It does kind of begin a minor sub-continuity of it's own, which will be mentioned in upcoming Apocrypha.

Ghostbusters Apocrypha: Future Shocks

Apocrypha Era One--After GB1
The Ghostbusters of the 21st Century are contacted by a mysterious being, telling them that a time traveller with a malevalent agenda has recruited two familiar and much-despised faces to her crusade. Can they stop these two twisted men--who are NOT Professor Dweeb and Doctor Loone!!!--from destroying the original Ghostbusters--and thus wrecking all of history?
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By Fritz
Ghostbusters: Illogical Reaction

February 1986--Timeline Year Four
Or, you could also call it: "Robo Buster, the Missing Scene"

Ghostbusters: Inescapable

January 1990--Timeline Year Eight
A POV short story featuring Egon. The episode in question? "Janine You've Changed"...

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a sucker for Egon/Janine stories.
Ghostbusters: Charlie Takes the Fifth

2002--Timeline Year Twenty
Another character piece, this one looking at the Venkman family.

And another Apocrypha, written before the GBOT fan fic continuity gelled, particularly the status of Venkman's relationship with Dana.

Ghostbusters Apocrypha: Charlie Takes the Fifth

Apocrypha Era Three--EGB And Beyond
A slightly different look at the events of 2002, from the eyes of a Peter Venkman who has led a far less fulfilling life than the one we know...
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By Fritz

June 1986--Timeline Year Four
A mock news article about the "end" of the Ghostbusters, as they're put out of business by court order.

The second of the "newspaper" articles; this one is the continuity info-dump reconciling RGB with the beginning of GB2.
Extreme Ghostbusters: Return of the Jersey Turnpike Terror, Part One

August 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
It probably won't surprise you to learn that it's a sequel to "Terror on the Jersey Turnpike". But maybe who else shows up might be...

Extreme Ghostbusters: Return of the Jersey Turnpike Terror, Part Two

Nick the Biker Punk is loose!!! How will the Ghostbusters stop him? All I can say is...one member of the team thinks the plan is a real drag.

And the Apocrypha version of Part 1. It's more or less in continuity with the Apocrypha version of "Future Shocks"

Extreme Ghostbusters Apocrypha: Keeping It Real

Apocrypha Era Three--EGB And Beyond
Team Extreme finishes up a case at the phone company, and then is accosted by two strangely familiar bums at a Burger King. Who are they, and why do they insist that the Extreme Ghostbusters are imposters?
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By Fritz
Ghostbusters: Shadow of the Inquisitors, Part One

May 1991--Timeline Year Nine
The Ghostbusters are contacted by the mysterious Nodus to undertake a lucrative errand in Transylavania. Is Baron Vashnivski really a vampire? And what is the agenda of the bewitching woman called Lady Enlightenment?

Ghostbusters: Shadow of the Inquisitors, Part Two

The mysteries deepen, as the Ghostbusters arrive at Castle Vashnivski and meet the strange little man called Chiron. Shortly after, Ray Stantz has an intriguing encounter and Lydia Van Horn has an unwelcome visitor in the bathtub.

Ghostbusters: Shadow of the Inquisitors, Part Three

The Ghostbusters meet the elusive Baron Vashnivski at last, and the intentions of Lady Enlightenment become a little clearer...

This whole story sets up a few subplots that will move in and out of my later stories. Josiah Nodus's debut begins an arc that culminates years later (1999) in "Gemini Rising". Barney Lupin's daugther is a member of the 2023 Ghostbusters (though she only appears at the end of "Future Shocks"). And Lady Enlightenment will definitely be appearing again, too.
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By Fritz
Something a little different today. These two stories give us some insight into the origins of the Ghostbusters, showing us how some of the choices they made led to Varrick and Moore.

The first story was originally written by Iain Bennett/Sinister, and posted on GBN. That was in the days before the Timeline. Kingpin and I revamped it (with Iain's permission, of course) to fit into the Timeline.

Ghostbusting 101
By Iain Bennett, Ben King, and Fritz Baugh

Peter Venkman goes to college, looking for coeds and an easy A. But then he gets roomed with an eccentric fifteen-year old science prodigy named Egon, and his life would never be the same...
We all saw how Ray, Egon, Venkman, Winston, and even Slimer joined the Ghostbusters. Who's missing?

Ghostbusters: Fateful Opportunity

June 1983--Timeline Year One
Janine Melnitz is a twenty four year-old single girl from Brooklyn who's just quit her last job. So, desperate to pay the rent, she takes her friend's advice to apply to a new company calling itself "Ghostbusters"...
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By Fritz
This is another of my "big" stories. It was written, in part, to answer the question of "What did Egon mean (in 'Darkness At Noon') about there being 'no more ghosts to bust'?" Plus a development in Egon and Janine's relationship that got me flamed six ways from Sunday and accused of writing porn.

(It's not, but if it gets anyone intrigued enough to read the story... :lol: )

Ghostbusters: The Zodiac Imperative, Part One

June 1991--Timeline Year Nine
Something is brewing in the skies...something that draws the unease of the Prince of Warlocks and many others. As a relationship takes a fateful turn...the Imperative is beginning...

Ghostbusters: The Zodiac Imperative, Part Two

The Prince of Warlocks and the Archmage of Wind try to stop the Imperative, but more avatars are chosen: including some shockingly familiar faces...

Ghostbusters: The Zodiac Imperative, Part Three

The Ghostbusters and the Inquisitors come together, as the mysterious wizard Zandrik Fallagar tells them the truth about the unfolding horror. Plus one more shockingly familiar face comes into the scene...

Ghostbusters: The Zodiac Imperative, Part Four

The Ghostbusters, the Inquisitors, and Fallagar throw everything they have at the Avatars of Zodiac. But what if it's not enough? What if saving Victor, Shannon, and the entire world is beyond even their capacities?

Ghostbusters: The Zodiac Imperative, Part Five

This is it. The Ghostbusters against the Zodiac Lords, without even proton packs...can they even hope to defeat these creatures? And if they do...
What terrible prices will be paid?

Children of Zodiac; An Epilog to Ghostbusters: The Zodiac Imperative

December 1991--Timeline Year Nine
A circle of mysterious beings discuss the effects of the coming of the Zodiac Lords...and what it means to the future of the Ghostbusters, and their own enigmatic "Ascension"...

(Don't worry if the last one doesn't make any sense yet. It's putting some guns on the wall. Most of them get fired off in "Gemini Rising"--but some are still laying there waiting...)
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By Fritz
This one technically isn't mine, but it's such a keystone story to the GBOT fan fic continuity, I hope he doens't mind it being here.

"The Zodiac Imperative" filled in one piece of the puzzle seperating RGB and EGB. Now to tell the rest of the story...

Ghostbusters: As Dreams Fade
by Ben King

September 1991--Timeline Year Nine
The events of the last few months have seen business drying up, and the Ghostbusters nearing the breaking point. And when an accident causes serious injury to one of their own...things pass the breaking point...
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By Fritz
Ghostbusters West Coast: Curtain Call, Part One

April 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The Ravisher strikes again, and two Ghostbusters are helpless to stop him. Then a rainy evening gets weirder...as a pyramid appears in Central LA.

Ghostbusters West Coast: Curtain Call, Part Two

The West Coast Ghostbusters and Venkman enter the pyramid, and are forced to divide into three smaller teams to battle the Ravisher and the Geistimanns.

Ghostbusters West Coast: Curtain Call, Part Three

The final showdown with the Ravisher and his master, Lord Atrocity. LaLlarona's prophesy is coming true...the brutal plan of the God of Death moves forward...and stopping it may require one man to make the ultimate sacrifice...

Ghostbusters West Coast: Intermission
By Fritz Baugh and Jeremy Hicks

May 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The Ghostbusters have mourned the loss of one of their own, the resignation of their most experience member, and the addition of two new members to replace them. But now, something dark begins to surface in the mind of Jeremy Hicks...
"Curtain Call" was the culmination of "Season 1" of the GBWC, wrapping up most of the storylines that had begun in "Opening Night". "Intermission" serves as both an epilog to "Curtain Call" and the Prolog to "Chronicles of Gozer" (which is detailed in it's own seperate thread)
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By Fritz
Thanks as always for reading, Farah.

Today's batch of "back issues":

Ghostbusters: A Bit of Family Business

November 21, 1987--Timeline Year Five
Egon's thirtieth birthday is livened by the arrival of Dr. Ellis Spengler and his daughter. And Ellis is bringing an offer that his half-brother may not be able to refuse...

This story was done, in part, to help set up the compromise Jen Spengler of Nightsquad and I had set up regarding her character's backstory; she'd been introduced as Egon's niece in the days before the Timeline, and it presented some challenge reconciling Egon's portrayal in most official canon as an only child, and the need to have a brother to be Jen's father. We kind of went halfway on that, literally, by saying her father was Egon's half brother and they weren't raised together.

It also "establishes" (in GBOT canon anyway) where Janine was befor GB2.
Ghostbusters: For Worse Or For Better, Part One
By EGB Fan and Fritz Baugh

January 1992--Timeline Year Ten
Two months after the Ghostbusters broke up, Dana Barrett has only recieved one cryptic note from Peter Venkman. Until he turns up at her doorstep, ready to make the committment he couldn't before...

Ghostbusters: For Worse Or For Better, Part Two

So is it going to happen? Are Peter Venkman and Dana Barrett going to be married at long last?

EGB Fan and I collaborated on this one; indeed, except for the actual wedding day scenes, this is all her work. She has established most of the GBOT canon for Venkman and his family post-RGB, including the creation of Peter and Dana's daughter Jessica, and development of Oscar into a budding rock star.
Extreme Ghostbusters: Dreams Reborn, Part One
By EGB Fan, Ben King, and Fritz Baugh

December 1997--Timeline Year Fifteen
Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore have returned to the company they helped build. Is there still a place for Eduardo, Kylie, Roland, and Garrett?

Extreme Ghostbusters: Dreams Reborn, Part Two

A major development in Egon and Janine's relationship leaves the newer Ghostbusters--especially Kylie--feeling more alienated than ever.

Extreme Ghostbusters: Dreams Reborn, Part Three

Suddenly, there's not much question--with the original Ghostbusters out of action, Team Extreme is the only hope the city has...

"Dreams Reborn" is the thematic sequel to "As Dreans Fade", and provides the other bookend to the EGB animated series. ADF explained why the original Ghostbusters went out of business--DR begins during the events of "Back In The Saddle", showing the events "between the scenes" as the original team finally puts to rest the issues that broke them up in the first place.

The rest begins the post-EGB era in GBOT canon. The status of both the original and the Extreme Ghostbusters is addressed, and overdue events start to occur.
Back In The Saddle?

December 1997--Timeline Year Fifteen
A newspaper article announcing the return of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore and the reactivation of Ghostbusters International. But who's missing from the picture?

This is the third and final newspaper info-dump. It both continues the definition of the post-EGB status quo, and introduces a few new elements to the mix. Some of the characters and developments cited continue in Vincent Belmont's story "Mito-Conundrum", and then come back around in "Hearts In Eclipse"
A couple of Apocrypha this time

Ghostbusters Apocrypha: Til The Night Closes In
Apocrypha Era Two--After GB2
A look at what might have been...things go much better for Egon and Janine in 1991, after "Invasion of the Danish Snatchers"...

I actually wrote this one before some of the earlier stories, but decided not to post it "as is" as the GBOT continuity gelled. Some pieces of this one were recycled in stories like "Nodus" and "Dreams Reborn". It's more or less in continuity with the Apocrypha versions of "Future Shocks" and "Keeping it Real"

The next one is probably not to everyone's tastes.

So how does the idea of mixing Ghostbusters and Digimon sound? Pretty dumb? You're probably right, but I tried it anyway. "Veedramon" was my user name on the old GBN, after all, so I had to try it at least once. It's a rather retarded story, but I had fun doing it--packing it full of in-jokes to not just Digimon but other things like 80's pop music, Al Franken books, and Bo-bobobo-Bo-bobo probably helped.

Apocrypha: Digibusters, Part One

Apocrypha Era Two--After GB2
A strange computer problem sends the guys and Janine into a bizzare alternate dimension that Ray recognizes as the "Digital World" straight out of the Digimon anime...

Apocrypha: Digibusters, Part Two

Veemon leads the Ghostbusters to the tomb of Seraphimon. But they're not the only ones seeking the Celestial of Hope...

Apocrypha: Digibusters, Part Three

The Digibusters are scattered; Venkman and Winston deal with weirdos on the train who actually make it a relief when they get attacked; Egon and Janine, meanwhile, deal with Seraphimon's startling transformation into a little creature with one oddly familiar attribute...

Ray Stantz and Veemon are on the run, separated from the others, and get stuck in the middle when two angry, artillery laden android Digimon decide to have a showdown. And where is the last Beast Spirit?

[url=http://www.ectozone.com/apocrypha/digibusters5.php]Apocrypha: Digibusters, Part Five

The Ghostbusters and their allies have their fateful showdown with KingEtemon. But even the power of the Beast Spirits is no match for the Dark Network Concert Crush. Their only hope may lie with the most unlikely heroes of them all...
Ghostbusters West Coast: Act Two, Part One

January 2005--Timeline Year Twenty Three
The Ghostbusters West Coast are back and all brand new. After the trials of the last year, a smaller but more determined team comes together as a monster is stealing eyeballs all over LA.

Ghostbusters West Coast: Act Two, Part Two

The mysterious ninja takes on Calcent the Eye Collector, but even he can't stop the bloodthirsty fiend. How are the Ghostbusters going to stop this opponent when the standard procedure is useless? Plus, another new face appears in GBCentral West, one that gets a reaction out of Otter.

And don't worry if you get the weird feeling you missed out on something since the last GBWC story--it's intentional. This story starts a different status quo. The transition will be shown in upcoming stories.
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By Fritz
Ghostbusters: Nodus

June 8, 1993--Timeline Year Eleven
Egon Spengler can't catch a break. Ten years ago he'd helped found Ghostbusters Inc. Today he's living alone, dealing with a shock of a personal nature, and now somebody wants to "test" him...and in the process the agenda of Josiah Nodus becomes just a little clearer

Those who have read later stories know that this is actually a far more important story than it looks on the surface. That's all I feel I can say.
Ghostbusters International: Con-Fusion
By Fritz Baugh, with Vincent Belmont, Kevin Kemarly, and Greg Justis

August 20, 2005. Timeline Year Twenty Three
GenCon is the world's largest gaming convention, and just happens to be held in Fritz Baugh's old home town. But he, Vincent Belmont, Kevin Kemarly, and Greg Justis are in for more than they bargained for, and I'm not just talking about being insulted by Adam Sessler...

This was inspired by real events; Vincent and I really did attend GenCon 2005, and met Kevin Kemarly, Greg Justis, the Louisville Ghostbusters, the Indiana Ghostbusters, and each other there. While the ghost incident is made up, Vincent really did get made fun of by Adam Sessler on X-Play
Fritz wrote: Vincent really did get made fun of by Adam Sessler on X-Play
...only because I thought "you do know the ghostbusters aren't real, right?" was a stupid question, and was a bit shocked he'd ask me something so asinine.

The rest of the interview was cut when I started firing back at him....it figures.
You're a better man than I for letting him ask a question in the first place. If Adam Sessler ever came anywhere near me, I wouldn't even give them an awkward moment of silence to film and misuse, I'd tell him to get as far away from my personal space as possible before he even has a chance to open his mouth. That man's very appearance offends me in ways I can't even explain.
I dunno...there was a time I used to watch X-Play. Now it seems so slickly produced and lost it's focus...I think it had more heart back when it was lower budget and about making fun of bad Dragonball Z video games.


Extreme Ghostbusters: Hearts In Eclipse, Part One

January 1998--Timeline Year Sixteen
Tensions are rising in GBCentral, as conflict begins to build between Team Extreme and their two newest members...and the return of a long-absent member of the supporting cast threatens to spread the tension into their predecessors' ranks.

Extreme Ghostbusters: Hearts In Eclipse, Part Two

The simmering resentments explode as Roland Jackson and Vincent Belmont vie for control of the team, and Peter Venkman is uncovers a secret that all of his comrades had kept from him for six years..and in the aftermath, somebody undergoes a startling transformation...

Extreme Ghostbusters: Hearts In Eclipse, Part Three

Louis, posessed by the power of the Lord of Gloom, drags Egon to the place it all began for him, as the Ghostbusters both old and new must confront the monsters born of Tully's tortured mind.

This whole story is another step in the building of the post-EGB status quo. I took the EGB characters, Vincent Belmont's ideas developed pre-Timeline, and smacked them together to provide a fun B-story to counterpoint the return of Louis to GBI, and the fallout from that. If you've read "For Worse Or For Better" and "Clincially Insane", you can see it coming...
Ghostbusters West Coast: Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part One

September 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The GBWC has fallen apart, and Fritz Baugh is not far behind--the love of his life has vanished, leaving only mystery and confusion in her wake. Will the help of Vincent Belmont, Bo Holbrook, and Jen Spengler be enough to help him find her--and pull himself from the brink of dispair?

Ghostbusters West Coast: Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part Two

A chance discovery by Jen Spengler leads the investigation into a new direction that bears fruit. As Fritz investigates a run down amusement park with Bo Holbrook, Jen and Vincent Belmont confront Chelsea Aberdeen's aunt Dorothy--and make more than one shocking discovery.

Ghostbusters West Coast: Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part Three

The truth behind Chelsea Aberdeen's disappearance is revealed, as Vincent uncovers the tale of Fergus Aberdeen, Danise MacDuff, and Lucindra Williams. A tale that binds Chelsea, her aunt Dorothy, and the cursed hybrids of Toad Island together.

Ghostbusters West Coast: Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part Four

The harrowing conclusion. The Ghostbusters have infiltrated the Deep One's caves. Bo Holbrook has a violent confrontation with Arvis. Fritz Baugh finds Chelsea Aberdeen...but after coming across a continent to find her, is this meeting going to be their last?

Ghostbusters West Coast: Transition

He saved Chelsea...but Fritz lies on the brink of death as his friends, teammates, family, and the woman he loves stand helplessly by. Whatever the outcome....the Ghostbusters West Coast will never be the same.

This story was born out of former GBWC CEO Ludicris (Joey Williams') idea to have everyone do a story spotlighting their character and exploring their backstories. I'd been slowly percolating the Fritz/Chelsea romance in stories such as "Mummy Dearest", and the thought of putting it in the center of the story seemed a natural. She would disappear, and a witch named Lucindra would be behind it. Fritz would go nuts trying to find her, and have to journey accross the country to do so, including a visit to his home town of Indianapolis. I vaguely thought, at the time, Leon Hogan would probably be with him (due to their own backstory established in "Home Turf"). I even decided to title the story "Where In The World Is Chelsea Aberdeen?", as a swipe of the "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" series popular in the 1990's.

Between real life events, Ludicris's resignation from the team, and the decision to revamp the status quo for "Act Two", it evolved into one of the key stories explaining the transition from the status quo c. "Chronicles of Gozer" to "Act Two".
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By Fritz
Longtime readers know this already--but as many things as I like about Ghostbusters, if I had to pick one single element that grabbed my attention, it was the weird budding romance between Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz. It led to some touching scenes in the first movie, and the writers of the animated series--most notably J. Micheal Straczynski, Micheal Reeves, and Richard Mueller---took it and ran with it, deepening and defining them into possibly my favorite couple in popular fiction.

Well, to the consternation of fans everywhere, Harold Ramis disowned the idea and created the gut-churningly dumb Janine/Louis Tully romance in the sequel. An idea that was, in turn, disowned by Straczynski, comic writer James Van Hise, the producers of Extreme Ghostbusters, and even later licensees such as the 88MPH mini-series. Not to mention a vast majority of the writers of fan fiction that have helped keep the flame burning in the years since.
(The iBooks novel The Return was the sole exception, but even they, intentionally or not, had some material that could be construed as pro-Egon/Janine).

Anyway...you saw the proposal in "Dreams Reborn". You saw the last remnants of the Louis Tully issue swept away in "Hearts In Eclipse". Now it's time...

Ghostbusters: Forever

June 14, 1998--Timeline Year Sixteen
After fifteen years of confusion, denial, reversal, and dark moments of dispair, the long-awaited day has come for one brilliant physicist and one spirited secretary to celebrate the love that bind their souls together. At long last, the wedding of Professor Egon Spengler and Ms. Janine Melnitz.
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