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By LincolnGBfan
Hey all!

Just wanted to post a quick note to see if anyone here was in Nebraska.

It has been my experience that this state, fan groups are very lacking.

Hope some one is from around here, besides me!
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By mechasonicgb
Sorry, I joined recently, but I too, am from Nebraska. It's tough not being able to find others here who love Ghostbusters as much as we do. But maybe they're all just hiding...
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By chamelaeon
Heh. I started thinking about interesting projects or costumes I could work on at the newish Omaha makerspace, and Ghostbusters was one of the first things that popped into my head, simply because even after the proton pack there's so many dang props you could build out. To boot, all of them have light and sound effects, so I get to have fun with electronics too.
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By chamelaeon
Hey ajbernard, were you planning on heading into Omaha for any of the Ghostbusters showings? They're playing at the AMC 24 Oakview, right by Center and 144th.
By ajbernard
im not for certian if I can go or not. As much as I would love too im not sure I would be able to make it due to work. Thats awesome they are playing it there your so damn lucky!
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By chamelaeon
Haha, pretty slowly right now. I've been focused on doing research and finishing the outfit. The current plan is to tackle a belt gizmo build first, and then to start building the buck for the mold in the late fall. I -think- we're going to go with liquid plastic for the shell, instead of fiberglass. At least at the moment, the goal is to build as much of our own stuff as we can (which probably means learning to resin cast, woo).

My hope is to have the bulk of the work done by spring, but clearly that's dependent on the ability to get parts.
By ajbernard
yeah at least your in omaha where you have alot more options. Ive always made mine out of wood so im not certian on the fiberglass technique. Someday I will try a shell but I just enjoy the good old do it yourself I guess.
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By chamelaeon
I bought the Alice off AJ but I may need to switch the strap configuration depending on which he's sending, so that's helpful, thanks. I tried to go when I was collecting materials for my suit but they were closed. :/

Do they have actual Nomex suits there?
By ajbernard
Im not for certian if they have the nomex there but the dude there named andy was very helpful, hell and all I did was talk to him over the phone. I told him my measurements and sent me a perfect fit it was like I went there and tried it on. 15 bucks was all and that was shipped too. a set of straps for the top was 5 or 10 not sure. I ordered 3 complete sets for 3 frames plus the suit and shipped to Hastings was about $54.00 I didnt complain about that. I need to get my ass in gear and order a set of patches from here soon.
By Potato.
I'm glad to see this thread a little more active, but... is there anyone else from Lincoln? I was the lone idiot dressed in uniform at the GB showing last Thursday.
By ajbernard
Hey man glad to hear you were able to attend the showing thats awesome and I envy you. If I could have made it I woulda been right next to you in uniform as well! How was the attendence?
By Potato.
It was surprisingly full. I'm hoping it gets even busier as it gets closer to Halloween, because I saw the Grand was going to show it every Thursday this month. I'm hoping I can go to the other showings as well and keep wearing my get-up.
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By Marcus
Well Halloween has re-inspired some of us! I'm thinking its about time I finished this 'buster get-up! Even started working on the ECTO HHR before the snow hit. I mean...that's the whole reason I bought the thing in the first place!

We've started an Omaha Ghostbusters FB page... at one time, there were quite a few of us wanting to do this. However, the only one to complete a pack has since moved to Florida to work for Disney and the others have kind of faded away. Hopefully we can get this started back up again!
By Boomerjinks
chamelaeon wrote: PS, I do not envy you the drive across western NE.
It's weird. Kansas and Iowa are both filled with gorgeous, meat department label-esque farmland, while the vast majority of Nebraska looks like someone's unmowed back yard.
By ajbernard
haha Ive made the drive plenty of times Boomer as I used to live on the farthest edge of Nebraska about 2 miles from the state line of Wyoming. It seems like once you hit about Sidney the drive gets better coming east. The only thing to look towards till then is seeing how many tumbleweeds you can plow over on the interstate.

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