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The Nintendo DS version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game is radically different from other versions. It is more of a squad-based tactics game, where you control one Ghostbuster and the others follow your character (or not, depending on orders). Touchscreen controls are used for shooting and interacting. Although it follows the same plot as other versions, there are also random missions for earning money and collecting slime (both of which are required for researching new tech). The random missions have randomly-generated maps, much like the Diablo games, with new location types unlocking as you play the story mission associated with that type.

Ghostbusters earn Skill Points for actions during missions. These can be spent on various skills suited to that Ghostbuster. For example, Peter Venkman's "Heartless Negotiator" skill will allow you to sacrifice earned Reputation points for extra money. All Ghostbusters can put Skill Points into weapon specialization, increasing damage with that weapon.

This version is the only version that allows the player to drive Ecto-1. The player drives the iconic vehicle through a fully 3-D representation of Manhattan, trying to get to the mission locale before the timer runs out. Ecto-1 can be damaged by collisions, which slows it down until it is repaired. Ghosts randomly fly around the city, and the Ecto-1's rooftop proton gun can capture them for extra slime, which can be used for research and ammunition.

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