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PROTON PACK/NEUTRONA WAND (Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator)

As mentioned, you will be playing as a new recruit to the team. As such you will be testing out all new equipment devised by Egon and Ray. The following pieces of equipment are featured in the game:

Your proton pack will have the following different methods of fire, each having a primary and secondary mode:

Proton Pack Specs

- Proton Pack and Neutrona Wand (Default)
- Blast Beam/Stream
- Capture Beam/Stream
- Boson Darts

- Shock Blast
- Stasis Stream

- Meson Collider (realistic version only)
- Overload Pulse (realistic version only)
- Slime Blower
- Slime Tether (realistic version only)
- Slime Mine (stylized version only)


Used to trap ghosts you can't destroy, pretty much as in the films.


Used in conjunction with the PKE meter to detect hidden ghosts. When equipped the view switches to first person.


Used to locate hiding ghosts and detect PK energy. It is also used as the in game menu where you can adjust the game-play options, click over to view/purchase upgrades for your proton pack or click over to the Tobin's Spirit Guide that catalogs all of the spooks you've scanned.


The Ecto-1B is similar to the original Ecto-1 but features upgraded equipment and the addition of a rack-mounted 'Super Slammer Trap'; an enhanced capacity ghost trap on its roof to allow for capturing outdoors without necessitating deploying a regular trap. The Super Slammer is not available for use in the stylized version, although it is mentioned during gameplay.

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