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Location/Level Acquired: "Panic in Times Square"

Category: Proton

Boson Darts are super depolarized bursts of extremely volatile, but very effective, boson particles. Boson particles quickly overheat the Proton pack, so sparse usage is recommended.
NOTE: Accidental Neutrona Wand blockage could vaporize the surrounding three square miles.

Boson Darts are extremely effective bursts of that can quickly disperse big chunks of a target's PK energy. While this tool can be used in conjunction with the Proton Stream for a powerful one-two punch, the Boson Dart can also be used by itself to knock large enemies back or to disperse groups of smaller enemies. Use Boson Darts against small packs of creatures to inflict damage over a wider range or to blow off chuncks of PK energy from moderately sized targets.


Effect: Heat Cost reduction and Damage Increase

It has been discovered that the addition of a fermion absorption ring to the Proton Pack's Neutrona Wand substantially reduces boson particle overheating, allowing more Boson Darts to be fired before causing pack shutdown. Boson Dart impact damage is also increased. Also, accidental Neutrona Wand blockage vaporization damage is reduced to only one mile!

Of all the Proton Pack upgrades, this boson Dart upgrade is the best. Because the Boson Dart is extremely powerful, the ability to fire more Darts per charging cycle greatly increases your capacity to dish out damage in a short period of time. The increase in damage output is nice also.

Effect: User Damage Reduction

In addition to the installation of a secondary fermion absorption ring, extensive modifications to the boson emitter's integer field led to the absorption of close-range boson particles. This dramatically reduces the amount of damage taken by point-blank and close-proximity Boson dart impacts.
NOTE: These Z-based modification in no way compromise the dart's Bose-Einstein statistics!

Because the Boson dart is the perfect tool to disperse small groups of enemies like Crawlers, you're more likely to use it at close-range while they swarm around you. This upgrade allows you to more safely disperse Swarmers without the threat of blow-back damage from the Boson Dart's explosion.

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