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The Ecto-1B is similar to the original Ecto-1 but features upgraded equipment and the addition of a rack-mounted 'Super Slammer Trap'; an enhanced capacity ghost trap on its roof to allow for capturing outdoors without necessitating deploying a regular trap.

The Ecto-1B was a updated verison of Ecto-1. It is almost cross to Ecto-1 and Ecto-1A but the Ghostbusters had a upgrade called the Super Slammer it larger and faster than portable containment units, this vehicle-mounted, high-expansion, rapid-cycle trap that is capable of trapping ghosts instantaneously.

Also, the toy version of Ecto-1 that is found during game-play is also the Ecto-1B. By moving the camera to the right angle the licence plate is visible when the toy is in the firehouse. Strangely though, the top os the toy is from a earlier Ecto-1(obvious from the missing super slammer and smaller scale radioactive canisters.

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