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The PKE Meter measures electromagnetic fluctuations like a divining rod: Point it at psychokinetic energy and it heats up. Point it away and it gets cold. Just follow the signal to your target. Scan ghosts to add their paranormal information to your electronic Tobin's Spirit Guide.

There are two upgrades available for purchase in game, Scan Improvement and Recharge Booster.

Scan Improvement

The scan improvement upgrade increases the scan area giving a more accurate reading.

"Substituting the platinum core of the PKE Meter's detector assembly with a rhodium replacement increases the sensitivity of the PKE Meter's neutron flux level detectors. This expands the PKE Meter's active scan area making it easier to 'frame' good scans of erratically moving entities. Please be aware that rhodium strongly stains human skin so tampering with the PKE Meter's detector assembly in the hopes of liberating this highly valuable exotic metal core for personal use will be noticed and is grounds for a harshly-worded and very sarcastic verbal warning. "

Recharge Booster

The rechage booster decreases the recharge time after scanning allowing you to scan multiple entities faster.

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