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Location/Level Acquired: "Checking Out the Library"

Category: Plasm Distribution System (PDS)

Once your Neutrona Wand is equipped for Traction-Levitation, the Slime Tether allows for the discharge of plasmic slime strands between two points. These plasmic strands contact and pull on whatever is on the two ends. The slime Tether works great for moving heavy objects.

Even though the Slime Tether doesn't stick to everything or every type of ghost, it can still be a very fun part of your arsenal. More often than not, you'll use the Slime Tether to solve environmental puzzles, or on inanimate objects. On occasion, however, you can use this device to quickly trap or daze ghosts. Civil War soldiers, Stone Angles, and Cultists can be dazed, destroyed, or trapped, respectively using the Slime Tether.


Effect: Creates Longer-Lasting Slime Tethers

Increasing the Slime tether's emitter "spinnerets" substantially increases ectoplasm strand cohesion, which results in longer-lasting slime tethers.
NOTE: On rare occasions a mini-strand launched by a spinneret misfire has been known to suddenly (and inopportunely) tether a Ghostbuster's legs together, Stride accordingly.

Like the Slime Blower's increase pressure upgrade, this upgrade allows you to fire your Slime Tether across longer distances and decreases the speed at which the tether decomposes. This is especially useful when you need to use multiple tethers for a task.

Effect: Tether Slime Cost Reduction

It has been discovered that flash heating ectoplasm immediately before it enters the Slime Tether's compression chamber results in a tether strand that requires fewer ectoplasm linkages. This reduces the amount of slime needed for each tether, allowing the user to fire more slime tethers before pack shutdown. It has also been reported that this flash heating substantially improves a tether strand's taste, though it is suggested you don't attempt to verify this for yourself.

Coupled with the Slime Tether Duration increase upgrade, this augmentation allows you to fire more long-lasting Slime Tethers before needing to recharge your plasm tank. This is especially useful in areas where Slime Tether-susceptible enemies abound. Use this upgrade to sling multiple enemies back and forth.

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