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The Super Slammer Muon Trap, Super Slammer for short, also called the Mega-Ghost Trap or Mega-Trap, is a bigger and more powerful version of the Ghost Trap. It is capable of holding a large number of ghosts or capturing ghosts who are too big or too powerful for normal Ghost Trap. Larger and faster than the man portable containment units, this vehicle-mounted, high-expansion, rapid-cycle ghost absorber is capable of capturing ghosts almost instantaneously. The Mega-Trap utilizes the same technology as the new and improved Muon Ghost Trap, but its more advanced and powerful in many ways. Just like the Muon Ghost Trap, the Mega-Trap is able to compartmentalize each captured PKE manifestation into an infinite number of artificially induced dimensioned "pockets" of reality within the trap. Allowing for continues re-use and multiple, instantiated captures of ghosts without worrying that the trap gets too full or needs to be emptied. Basically the Mega-Trap is a miniature version of the Ecto-Containment Unit with a very powerful ghost vacuum slapped on top. In theory the Super Slammer is capable of absorbing and containing entities that are too big or too powerful for a regular Ghost Trap though a trap of this size has never be used before. The only problem is, in order for the Mega-Trap to capture a powerful or super size entity, the trap needs to be positioned as close as possible to said entity... directly under it to be precise.

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