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Level/Location 2

An old friend returns for some sweet fun.........and some destruction!
"I know that thud!"

For this location, the realistic version features 11 seamless checkpoints, while the stylized version contains 5 distinct levels.'

Realistic Version (Xbox 360/PS3)


Mass Panic
- Objective: Chase Stay Puft while escorting Ecto-1 through Manhattan's ruined streets. Discover why Stay Puft has re-manifested. Eliminate any paranormal entities you encounter.
GHOST SCANS: The first two ghosts you will encounter are the Marshmallow Minis and the Hobo Ghosts. They will be seen in many areas of this level, but go ahead and scan them into the Spirit Guide now.

Ghosts & Gargoyles
- Objective: The Muon trap, a.k.a. "Super Slammer" can be used to instantly capture dazed ghosts. Just drag them near the Ecto-1 trap beam and poof! A dazed ghost is trapped!
GHOST SCANS: Scan a Stone Gargoyle, then snatch it immediately with the Capture Stream and slam it to the ground. No need to trap them or shoot them until their power bars have disappeared. Along with the gargoyles, you will be attacked for the first time by Construction Worker Ghosts. They will appear periodically throughout the level, but you might as well scan him now.

Spin Cycle
- Objective: Ecto-1's path is blocked! Go with Winston through the nearby laundromat and find a way to clear the alley. Remember, with a Proton Pack strapped to your back, brute force is always an option!
CURSED ARTIFACTS: This checkpoint contains three hidden artifacts, so have your PKE Meter ready. The first is in the laundromat. Once the rookie is past the washers, go into the store room on the right. Scan the lunch pail on the floor, which is Gaillano's Enchanted Pail. The second artifact is in the main alley after the gasoline truck explodes. Walk along on the right side of Ecto-1, and look between the box truck and the car to find a bottle. This is 3-Toed Jenkins' Midnight Goose. The third artifact is just around the corner after the fence to the left blows up. There is a smaller alley to the left where there is a sign that says "Otto's Bar." Just below the entrance, scan the road cone, which is Patrelli's Mischievous Cone.
GHOSTBUSTERS DRINKING GAME: Back in the laudromat there is a water fountain between the store room and the exit. Stop and get a drink here to be on your way to this achievement/trophy.

Hindenburg: The Musical
- Objective: It's almost as if all these street hauntings are intended to slow you down. Capture these new ghosts as quickly as possible so you don't lose Stay Puft!
GHOST SCANS: Be ready to equip the PKE Meter here. The puddle of Black Slime needs to be scanned, as well as the Opera Diva Ghost. The Hobo Ghost and Stone Gargoyle also return in this section, so if you missed them before, get them all now!

Shadow of the Stay Puft
- Objective: Stay Puft is definitely looking for something. Follow him and find out what it is.
GHOST SCAN: This the earliest point at which Stay Puft can be scanned for the database. He can also be scanned before he is knocked off the roof later on.

Marshmallow Minis
- Objective: Follow Ray across Times Square. Stay Puft seems to have made it a throwing gallery so be careful! A squashed Ghostbuster is an ineffective Ghostbuster.
CURSED ARTIFACT: Once off the streets and into the lobby of the building, scan the red telephone on the reception desk. This is Asmodeus' Hotline, a hidden artifact.

Race to the Roof
- Objective: Stay Puft is definitely interested in something located in this building's highest floors. Explore the area and find it before that giant marshmallow man does!
CURSED ARTIFACT: Once inside the office, defeat the Marshmallow Minis with Ray, then scan the model building in the corner by the windows. This is another hidden artifact, Hohman's Black Low-Rise.
GHOSTBUSTERS DRINKING GAME: Get another sip of water from the fountain in the hallway before entering the office.
ACHIEVEMENT/TROPHY: Before opening the next door to exit the office, destroy everything in the room (or as much as you possibly can). An achievement/trophy, I Love You When You Rough-House, will then unlock when you open the next door.

Puffy White Menace
- Objective 1: Stay Puft has somehow generated a swarm of small, marshmallow minions. Destroy these undoubtedly delicious but dangerous creatures because they probably want to eat you as much as you want to eat them.
CURSED ARTIFACT: As Stay Puft lumbers around the building outside the windows to the right, be sure and notice the "Ravishing Red Prince," a large painting on the wall on the left. Scan this hidden artifact.

- Objective 2: A Damsel in Distress! Rescue her from Stay Puft's unwanted advances!

Damsel, Distressed
- Objective: Stay Puft was apparently looking for the girl and he is definitely not pleased you got to her first. There's got to be a way out of the building. Find it!

Ghosts at Work
- Objective 1: Find a way off the rooftop.

- Objective 2: More ghosts seem to have been drawn to Stay Puft's location. If it flies and you can more or less see through it then show it the business end of your Neutrona Wand and Ghost Trap.

- Objective 3: Stay Puft is still trying to get at that woman. Use your Proton Stream to knock him off the building.
GHOST SCAN: This is the best time to scan him up close for the Spirit Guide, unless you got him in the streets, so do that before you clobber him!

The Rise and Fall of Stay Puft
- Objective: Defeat Stay Puft.
Use Boson Darts to the face to inflict the most damage. The Proton Stream is best for getting rid of the small minions he blows at you. Timely pack venting is very important in this battle!


Construction Worker Ghost
Hobo Ghost
Marshmallow Mini
Opera Diva Ghost
Stay Puft
Stone Gargoyle
Black Slime (Note that this does not count toward your six scans in the level.


3-Toed Jenkin's Midnight Goose
"The Ravishing Red Prince"
Patrelli's Mischievous Cone
Hohman's Black Low-Rise
Asmodeus' Hotline
Gaillano's Enchanted Pail'

Stylized Version (Wii/PS2)


Marshmallow Hunt
Going Up
A Sticky Situation
Puffy White Menace
The Rise And Fall Of Stay Puft


Construction Ghosts
Charged Destructor Manifestation Residue
Destructor Manifestation Residue
Electrokinetic Spectres
Electronic Wisps
Marshmallow Minion
Possessed Objects
Printer Paper Zombies
Spirit Locks
Stay Puft

Art Pages

Marshmallow Hunt
- Charged Destructor Manifestation Residue - inside glowing marshmallow pile.
- Destructor Manifestation Residue - inside front marshmallow pile.
- Electrokinetic Absorption Event - in room with Electrokinetic Spectres; behind crates.
- Electrokinetic Spectres - at start of stage; back left corner behind crates.

Going Up
- Construction Ghosts - inside second bathroom, far left stall.
- Electronic Wisps - while chasing construction ghost; inside recliner by arcade.
- Printer Paper Zombie - in office room after two bathrooms; under marshmallow pile.

A Sticky Situation
- Marshmallow Minions - left of the generator in generator room; in crates.
- Spirit Locks - far left corner in room with three marshmallow piles and ceiling leaks.
- Stay Puft - in room with Alyssa; far right corner; inside water cooler.

Puffy White Menace
- The Destined - around the corner on the right side.

The Rise And Fall Of Stay Puft
These are available after completing this level, in the firehouse. You can get them early if you use the Firehouse menu option to go back to the firehouse after you start the second level ("Slimer's Mitzvah").
- Allies - in doorway to basement; exposed.
- Imbued Spirit Vessel - in basement; exposed.

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