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When slimy spirits take over a Manhattan apartment building, it's up to the Ghostbusters to save the day! Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd star as the goofy team of parapsychologists battling the evil goblins inhabiting Rick Moranis, and Sigourney Weaver. Combining state-of-the-art special effects with outrageous silliness, Ghostbusters is an entertaining horror-film spoof. Criterion presents the film in a wonderful widescreen transfer. This edition won Video magazine's Best Supplement award in 1989.

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-Scenes deleted from the final cut of the film: The Stairway and Lucky Coin.
-Split-screen demonstration of scenes before and after special effects: Library Ghost and Ballroom.
-Photo essay illustrating the building of the sets and the monsters.
-The complete screenplay.
-The original theatrical trailer and teaser.
-Ruth Oliver's Library Ghost Scream Test

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