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In 1986, Kenner released a line of toys not for the hit Ghostbusters movie, but for the upcoming cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters. The toy line, which lasted all the way through the series' demise, produced an expansive assortment of action figures, playsets, plushes, vehicles, and full sized role-playing weapons.

Much like its original Star Wars toys, Kenner's Real Ghostbusters line has weathered the test of time. Simple in design yet exquisitely unique, few toys lines before or since have had such diversity and such a significant impact on a base franchise.

In 1997, Trendmasters released a collection of toys and action figures for the Extreme Ghostbusters television show. Although the line failed to reach the scale, scope, and popularity of the original Real Ghostbusters line, there was still a variety of different toys produced.

In 2009, over 10 years since any official release, Art Asylum in association with DiamondSelectToys created a line of Ghostbusters MiniMates. These highly detailed 2 inch figures reach back as far as the original movie and the sequel and mark the 1st toys released using likenesses from the movies instead of the cartoons.

Also in 2009, started to release 6 in. and 12 in. figures of the Ghostbusters. So far there is 12 inch Egon and Ray, with a 6 inch Egon, Winston and Ray. Each figure comes with it's own accessories, such as Ecto-Goggles, PKE Meters, Ghost Traps, and soon to come is a Containment Unit. plans to release a new figure every 6 months.

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