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The Real Ghostbusters line saw the release of a wide variety of vehicles during it's popular run. They ranged from the famous Ecto-1 and others seen in the show, to a street sweeper and go-kart! Most vehicles were packaged with a small accessory ghost. The box art usually depicted the figure series that it was released around the time of. Many of these items are available on Ebay, mainly the Ecto-1 due to people modifying them or restoring them to their classic childhood state. Many of these toys range in condition from Pieces to In-box and $10.00 to $45.00.

Ecto-1 was the obvious first basic vehicle for the RGB toy line. The vehicle included a roof mounting swivel seat , allowing a rand total carry capacity of 3 figures. In the back was a claw and winch mechanism that would real in a ghost (one was included), after switching the "exhaust pipe" lever. Basic logo labels and license plate labels were also included.

Ecto-1A is Kenner's upgraded model, with labels resembling the added features from GBII, including caution striping, the updated logo, "marquee advertising", and splatters of pink slime. All features from the original Ecto-1 toy carried over to this model.

Ecto-2 is a one-person motorcycle/helicopter hybrid with a hook and winch in the undercarriage; a rear trigger-powered propeller system that folds and locks for land travel; a blaster-bomb mounted below that drops when pushed from inside the cockpit. The trigger also powers the winch. This ectomobile also features side doors that fold down into wings for air travel.

Ecto-500 is a low-riding derby styled racer with dual hood-mounted, bending and extending ghost grabbers and a rear antenna. Seats one.

There was also the Ghost Sweeper, a 2 wheel vehicle with 2 rotating sweepers in the front and a Nutrona Blaster and spinning "loudspeakers" mounted on the top. This action vehicle captures ghosts with the rotating sweepers on the go and put them inside a built-in ghost trap.

Highway Haunter is unofficially modeled after Janine's car in The Real Ghostbusters, a yellow "VW Beetle" (again. this is unofficial), that also became possessed in an episode. It morphed into a mantis-like entity. *Fun fact* Janine's car has been used on at least one mission.






Ghost Sweeper //

Ecto Bomber

Highway Haunter

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