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The Ghostbusters 2 Dr. Ray Stantz and Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer is the 1st Previews Exclusive 2-Pack released.'

GB2 Dr. Ray Stantz & Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer


Ghostbusters 2 Ray comes in the charcoal gray flight suit with the GB2 Logo on the right arm and "STANTZ" along the NameTag. He comes with the standard Proton Pack, the Ghost Trap which attaches nicely on his left, and a pair of Ecto-Goggles which fit snugly on top of his head. Along Ray's belt is a LifeGaurd II Pass Alarm which can not be removed like Peter Venkman's. Also on his belt is the little Belt Gizmo on his left side.

His expression can only be described as terrified. While he doesn't bare any real likeness to Dan Aykroyd, his hair is pretty close to Dan's in the movies which helps.

Slimer always had an omenous glow about him. This Slimer has the same body as the TrU released Slimers, but he is cast in a solid glowing plastic. His expression looks to be very happy, like he just found a buffet table at the Sedgewick Hotel.
When the Lights are on, Slimer appears to be a light yellow, but in total darkness he glows a bright green.
Slimer does not come with the traditional stand, instead he has a trap-open energy beam effect. The effect has a peg in the middle to hold Slimer up, and a hole underneath it to put a Ghost Trap.



Proton Stream

Ghost Trap

Trap Effect


Design Sheet

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