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The equipment released for Extreme Ghostbusters was very small, including only the Proton Pack and Ghost Trap. The line was released before the initial airing of the show, so many changes on the design were made when the show actually began to air. This explains why the Ghost Trap released was different than the show.

Proton Pack: Came with pack, gun, plastic proton stream, and 3 proton canisters. The pack lights up with sound effects, and says "Full Ion Collison, Proton Nova Blast", as well as featuring a standard 'power on' sound effect. In addition there is a switch to change the pack between 'lights and sounds' and 'sound only' modes. Proton gun has a firing missile with blinking lights.

(There was also a stand-alone version of the Proton Gun which featured its own sound effects; the lights and sounds are triggered by a red switch which is disabled on the version packaged with the Proton Pack.)

Ghost Trap: Trap opens up with button press. Came with a proton pistol and one small ghost.

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