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House Ghost

'The house ghost was featured in “Home is where the horror is” He is not exactly alike, but pretty close. The house ghost is 4.5” tall. He has freaky firing eyes, Dreadful Drool, Monstrous Moving Arms! He also comes with ectoplasm. He was the only figure packaged with ectoplasm.'

Mouth Critter

'Mouth Critter is a rather large ghost at 5.75” tall. He is basically a purple squid. He has a ghoulish mouth, with retched teeth and pose able purple tentacles. He also has a chomping mouth and purple firing mucous missiles.'

Sam Hain

'Sam Hain is 4.5” tall. Although portrayed much taller in the episodes. He has bony hands and a large black robe. He is holding a candle. Of course he has a n orange pumpkin head, which he can also fire to reveal a hideous hidden eye! His mouth is wide open as if screaming. He has whipping arm action, and comes with a green whip.'


'Slimer is 5” tall and comes with a spinning base, and food missiles. Slimer is a pale green. He has a blue/purple tongue and neglected teeth in his wide-open mouth. He has green eyes with white retinas. A tiny nose and a squirmy tale. He has long bony arms. He fires food missiles. Can be mounted on a spinning platform, to go into spin attack mode, and his arms move monstrously. His food missiles include a burger with a big bite taken out of it and an old donut with chocolate frosting. and oddly he is the biggest ghost in the toys but the smallest in the series.

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