Fiction:"The Real Ghostbusters: The War of the Ghostbusters" by WAGB23

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It was a sunny day in the streets of New York City. people were walking down the streets, cars honking, the usual things you see in the city, that is until a phantom horse carriage was racing down the road, and right behind it, was The Real Ghostbusters, Drs. Venkman, Stantz and Spengler along with their friend Winston Zeddemore were in the famous Ecto-1. a converted 1959 Caddy, with loads of paranormal tools on the roof. "I didn't think horses were that fast, thats gotta be some record!" exclaimed Ray as he stared on. "Ray, the horse is dead, thats like saying Slimer beat the world record for eating..." said Peter. "According to these readings it appears to be a class 4 when its acting like a class 5.." Egon said as he was looking at his box like device with two antennas. "Look, its stopped." Ray said as the horse carriage stops in its tracks. then the four Ghostbusters climb out of the car, strapped with their proton packs, each had a different color jumpsuit, and all simuitansly pulled out their particle throwers that were attached to the packs by a long yellow hose. "you were going 50 in a 25 mph zone, thats a ticket buddy." joked Venkman, who was wearing a brown with blue trim jumpsuit. "Ok, boys NOW!" Winston, who was wearing a aqua with red trim jumpsuit, said as the four fire proton beams at the ghost. Meanwhile, in downtown, in a small little shack that looks rundown and like no one has lived there for years, the "Other" Ghost Busters were sitting watching tv. Jake Kong Jr, who was tall, blond hair and a big nose to boot, was at his desk, filling out paperwork, when Eddie Spencer Jr, who was chubby, brown hair, and was always cheery for some reason, walked into the room. "What's going on?" he asked as he looked at the gorilla that was in the corner of the room watching tv, it was Tracy, the smartest of the group, he just grumbled something and went on his own business. "oh nothing much Eddie, just its been quiet lately since Prime Evil hasn't done anything for awhile." Jake answered. Just as he said that, a commerical came on, "every been troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night, ever feel feelings of dread coming from your basement or attic, has your family ever seen a spook, spectre, or ghost? if so don't wait another minute, pick up the phone and call the professionals, GHOSTBUSTERS, we're open 24/7 to deal with all your supernatural investigation and elimination needs, WE'RE READY TO BELIEVE YOU!" "click" Eddie turns the tv off and turns to Jake, "Ghostbusters? i thought we were the Ghostbusters?" Jake with a grim look on his face said, "Me too, looks like we'll have to pay these so called "ghostbusters" a visit." so then the 3 jump in the air, doing a high 5, and all yell "LETS GO GHOSTBUSTERS!" and as soon as they did that, they went into their transformation room.... At Ghostbusters Central, which was a old rundown firehouse on the other side of town, the Real Ghostbusters had returned from their last call of the day so far. "Man, that phantom horse carriage was the easiest one." Winston said as he pulled out 5 smoking boxs with black and yellow caution tape on them. "Yeah it was weird the way it just stopped, as if something told it to.." Ray said, looking at Egon who was studying his PKE Meter. "I wouldn't rule that out, Ray we should go do some research and see if this has ever happen before." "You guys go do that, I've got a hot date tonight, and i gotta go wash up." Venkman said as the front garage bay doors open. The Real Ghostbusters look as they see Eddie, Jake and Tracy enter. "Where are the "Ghost" Busters?" Jake asked. "Look no further." Ray answered. "can we help you?" Jake responds "yes you can, why did you steal our name, and try to say your the professionals, you don't seem to know who we are!' Jake yelled. "Oh yeah..i know you, your Jake Kong, i see you guys on channel 6 news all the time." Winston said as he was taking off his jumpsuit. "You know, we bought the name Ghostbusters a long time ago, so you guys might of missed the memo." Venkman said. "How is that possible? our dads were the ORIGINAL GHOSTBUSTERS!" Jake roared, as his voice got louder. "Look pal, it's not our fault, if your dads gave us the name, so tell us what you want or leave." Venkman snapped. "I'll tell you what we want, we want you to stop using the ghostbusters name!" Jake said angerly. "Look, we can settle this, like in court." Winston said calmly. "FINE!" Jake yelled as the three left. "hmmmm..." Egon thought. That night at a construction site, two workers were drilling holes in the ground when one of them came on something. "Yo, Bob! check this out" he yelled. Bob runs over to see what his partner had found. It look like a door, with eqyptian hyriogylphs on it. "what do you suppose it is?" asked the worker. "I dunno Joe, but it looks like something we shouldn't open." Bob remarked. just then the door glows and the two workers step back. "What did you do Bob?" asked Joe. "I didn't do anything Joe!" snapped Bob. Just then the door opens and out comes a demon, with 4 arms, 2 legs, almost looks like a cross between a human and a bird, human head, wings, legs look like birds feet, and 4 human arms. "WHO DARES DISTURB SHANLGIA!" exclaimed the creature. Bob and Joe scream and run like a chicken with its head cut off out of the place. "hmmm, i think it's time for me to take this puny world over!' Shanlgia said as it flys out into the air. Next day, the Ghost Busters were out taking care of a old lady's ghost problem. "Eddie! get your dematerializer! we'll send that ghost back where it came from!" Jake yelled as Eddie grabbed his Dematerializer, which looked like a lamp with a bike handle connected. Eddie zaps the ghost and it disappears. "oh thank you!!! tell me how much do i owe you?" the old lady asks. "nothing ma'am, its all in a days work." Jake responds. "thank you again, by the way which one of you is Dr. Venkman, he's a real cutie." Minutes later the 3 walk out of the house. "God, are we not that noticed, i mean, we save the world from Prime Evil and still we get compared to those other Ghostbusters!" Jake said as they climb into their Ghost Buggy. Just then Jake's nose started to twich, "thats strange, my nose is twiching but theres no ghost around." just then the 3 look to see a giant 100 ft. marshmellow man coming towards them. "Quick! the Ghost Gummer, that should work!" Jake yelled. Tracy hands Jake the weapon and he fires but to no prevail it worked. "LOOK OUT!" Eddie yelled as the 3 jump out of the car, but just as quickly as they jumped out, the marshmellow man steps and destorys their car. "You think Prime Evil is behind this?" Eddie asked Jake. "I dunno, but we gotta find out come on!" He answered. Meanwhile at Ghostbusters Central, Peter walks into Egon's lab to see both Egon and Ray passed out with stacks of books and their head on books. "Hey guys, this is the libraian, no sleeping in the library ok?" Venkman joked as both Egon and Ray woke up. "rough night?" Venkman asked. "Yeah we couldn't find nothing on what happened yesterday, it strange." Ray answered. "Yes all of the data i collected is nothing that we can find in these books, its as if we're dealing with a new type of paranormal disturbance." Egon said just as Winston ran into the room. "Guys we have big problems and i mean BIG!" Venkman looks at Winston, "what do you mean big?" Minutes later the four 'Busters are watching the news with the footage of the Stay Puft Marshmellow man stepping on the Ghost Busters' car. "How is that possible, Stay Puft is in the Containment Unit....there's no way he could of gotten out!" Ray exclaimed. "Excatlly! My readings indicate that this Stay Puft is a new ghost, not the one that we have in the Containment Unit, its as if something created it." Egon said. Just then the Ghostbusters' Sectaery Janine Melentz ran up the stairs and a bunch of call sheets. "Guys, we've gotten tons of calls, the phone is going overboard with calls." Janine said. "You don't think the Mayor will like think this is our fault?" Venkman asked. The Stay Puft marshmellow man was rampaging through the city when Mayor Lenny Clotch, a small balding man, was looking at the damage and dealing with the press. "Mayor, what are you plans for taking care of this ghost crisis?" a reporter asks. "I want the people of New York City know that i will get the Ghostbusters to clean this mess up." Lenny answered as he walked out the room. "I want the Ghostbusters down here and i want them down here now!" he yelled. "yes sir." his assistant said. Back at the Firehouse, Venkman, Egon, Ray and Winston were getting ready to head out to take care of the ghost problem, when Jake, Eddie and Tracy entered. "What is it this time, don't you see we have a city to save?" Venkman snapped. "Not this time you won't, we have a ceise and decist order, we'll be taking care of this problem, all thanks to our new friend." Jake said, as a man with orange hair, a orange goatee, and wearing a business suit walks into the room. "hello Ghostbusters, we meet again." the man said. "PECK!, your behind this ceise and decist order?" Venkman asked. "yes i am Venkman, and im here to see to it personaly that these young men and their monkey are the heroes and you guys are to look like compelete fools." Walter Peck said as the 4 leave the firehall. "Egon, you think they can stop Stay Puft?' Winston asked. "With the tools they have, they don't have a prayer." Egon said. In the streets Stay Puft roars as he is walking down the road. The Ghost Busters have their dematerilzers armed at him. "Ok lets send this thing back to whereever its from." Jake said as they fire their weapons. Stay Puft looks down at them with a anger look on his face. "um...Jake that didnt work, now what?" Eddie asked. Tracy at the moment, reached into his backpack and pulled out his Ghost Lasso and fired it at the angry marshmellow man. The lasso wraps around him and Stay Puft falls down, breaking the street in the process. "We did it, now what to do with it..." Jake asked. Just then a flash of lighting shows up and a specter with a metal skull for a face and a red cloth for a body shows up. "well if it isnt the ghost b-b-b-bunglers!" he screeched. "Prime Evil! I knew you were behind this!" Jake yelled. "Oh this, i wasn't responible for that, my boss was!" he answered. Then Shanlgia shows up. "Puny humans, you think you can actually stop me, think again." and then with a flash of lighting the Ghost Busters were no more...Peck, who was at the scene ran for his life after that. "Evil, continue as planned, i will awake another that will help us." Shanlgia command. "yes your scaryness" Prime Evil said as Shanlgia disappeared. Back at the Mayor's office, the events of what happened to the Ghost Busters were showen on the news. "I TOLD YOU TO CALL THE GHOSTBUSTERS! WHO IN THE HELL WERE THEY!?" Lenny snapped. Walter Peck walked in. "Sir, i can explain, they said they could take care of the problem, so i had the Ghostbusters put under a ciese and decist order, so now they can't help us." Peck said. "You know, you try to stop them when that one thing was coming to destory the world, now we have a walking marshmellow, a robot thing and a half human half bird ghost running around, and you tell the GHOSTbusters that they cant bust the GHOST!!!!" Lenny was furious at this point, "Peck you better get the Ghostbusters or im sending you out there to take care of it by yourself!" Lenny said as he slammed the door in Walter's face. Back at the Ghostbusters firehouse, they also saw what happened. "Egon can you explain to me what in the bluest of blue hells is that thing that took out Jake and his gang?" Venkman asked. "I can't say for sure, I'll check Tobin Spirit Guide and see if i can find anything in there." Egon answered. "I'll check the Occult Reference Net and see if i can find something there." Ray said as he and Egon left the room. Just then downstairs Walter Peck walked into the garage bay and was talking to Janine. "Look i need the Ghostbusters, its under the Mayor's orders." Peck said as Peter came down the stairs. "What's the matter Pecker? your boys get vaporized? I kinda figured it would happen." Venkman remarked. "Listen Venkman, i'm here as order of the Mayor to hire you clowns to take care of the problem...I personaly think you guys are still frauds and troublemakers, but i have no choice." Peck said. "Well you go tell Lenny, that it's gonna cost him big time." Venkman said as he turned to Janine. "Janine ring the alarm, its time for the REAL Ghostbusters to take care of things." Minutes later, the Ecto-1 races out of the firehouse and stops a few blocks down. "Why did we stop Ray?" Egon asked, as Ray pointed. Stay Puft was in front of them. "OK guys, who's ready to make some smores?" Venkman asked as he strapped on a proton pack. "OK on the count of 3 we fry the fat boy!" Winston said. Stay Puft looks down to see the four Ghostbusters with their particle throwers aimed at him, he screams angery and begins to reach down to them. "NOW!" Ray yelled as four particle streams hit the giant marshmellow. Stay Puft screams in pain as Ray throws out a ghost trap. "Ray, we can't trap him in one trap!" Venkman reminded Ray. "I know, but i configured it to trap him so it should work, i hope..." Ray said as he stepped on the pedal to open the trap. The trap opens to reveal a beam of light, sucking in Mr. Stay Puft, who is screaming in agony. The trap shuts and all of a sudden the light turns red. "Wait, you mean to tell me, we'll have TWO Stay Pufts in the Containment Unit...great" Winston said. "No, actually this was actually a manifastion of another ghost, the ghost took the form of Stay Puft, but we need to find that demon who took out Jake and them." Egon said. "Speaking of which, what did you guys find out about birdbrain anyways?" Venkman asked. "Shanlgia was one of Gozer's minions, he was Gozer's general in Gozer's army, his job was to find the Gozer worshippers and scarifice them to make sure Gozer could come back." Ray answered. "Kinda like Dana and Louis turned into the Terror Dogs?" Venkman replied. "Yes, but once the worshippers were scarificed their souls belonged to Gozer, unlike Dana and Louis who were just posessed." Egon said. "Wow, sounds like this guy had one heck of a job..." Winston said. "Yeah and proberly a personality to match." Venkman said. "Egon, what about that Prime Evil guy Jake was talking too, what do we do about him?" Ray asked Egon. in which he replied, "We find him and trap him for good." and it was at that moment, out of luck, Prime Evil found them and gave them a glare, "who are y-y-y-ou?" he asked. "Glad you asked, we're the REAL Ghostbusters, boys let him have it." Winston said as he threw out a Ghost trap under Prime Evil. Shanlgia, who was watching this from afar, saw the Ghostbusters capture Prime Evil with ease. "Now it's mine turn" he said to himself, as he flew down right in front of the Ghostbusters. "FOOLISH MORTALS, PREPARE TO BOW TO ME!" Shanlgia barked. "Hey, wait a minute, I thought you worked for Gozer?" Ray asked. The three other Ghostbusters look in awe. "YES BUT IM NOW ON MY OWN ACCORD, PREPARE TO DIE!!!!" Shanlgia said as he fired lighting bolts from his fingers, just like he did to Jake. "Fire boys, full stream, mass assist, now!" Egon yelled as the four Ghostbusters fire upon Shanlgia. The beams and the lighting bolt connected to make a giant explosion. The Ghostbusters flew back, and saw Shanlgia unharmed. "Well, we're done for, nice working with you guys." Winston said. "There is one chance....we cross the streams, like we did with Gozer!" Egon said. "Yeah we do that, we might vaporize the entire neighborhood along with us." Ray said. "Well i always wanted to die at the hands of science." Venkman joked. "Let's do it." Winston and Ray said in unison. The four Ghostbusters aim and fire 4 particle streams at Shanlgia who now was yelling. "OK NOW!" Ray yelled as the four Ghostbusters cross their proton streams together, just as soon as they cross the streams, it was over, the 'busters ran and hid, but Shanlgia was taken back to his plane of existence. "I WILL GET MY REVENGE!" was his last words before he disappeared. The city block now looked like a warzone. Egon and Winston climbed out of the debrie that fell on them, "Egon, you alright?" Winston asked. "Yeah, i feel like the floor of a taxicab." Egon said. "Again?" Winston remarked when Ray and Peter came out of hiding. "You guys alright?" Winston asked. "Yeah" Ray answered. "If i say yes, do i get a gold star." Venkman joked. The ghostbusters looked around at the damage they created. "Well we saved the world...again." Ray said. "Yeah, let's hope the city actually pays us this time!" Venkman remarked. Egon looked and saw something coming out of a pile of rocks and concrete, it was Jake, Eddie and Tracy, who had lost their memory. "Where are we, and why are we dressed like this?" Eddie asked. Peter got a grin and knew what to do. "You guys were just in the middle of a constrution site and that pile fell on you, and as for the gorilla, he escaped from the zoo and you found him to return him there." Venkman said. "Oh...and who are you guys?" Jake asked. "We're the Real Ghostbusters." Venkman answered. -Eplioge- The Ghost Busters, lost their memory so they all split up, Jake went and became a Janitor for a local Elementary school Eddie is now a clown sidekick for a kid's show on channel 6 Tracy was put in the zoo, and is now the zoo's main attraction as the world's smartest ape as for our real heroes the Real Ghostbusters? they continued to save new york from the paranormal pest problem, Venkman, went back to hosting World of the Psychic on his days off Ray opened his bookstore again, with the help of Winston Egon became a Professor at the local college but they still are all Ghostbusters! but what about Walter Peck well... after what he did to the Ghostbusters yet again....he got fired and is now working at a Mcdonald's as the store manager. (what, its the only job he could get) -The End- The Real Ghostbusters and all related materials are owned by Columbia Pictures Filmation's Ghostbusters and all related materials are owned by Filmation Shanlgia is created by Brian R


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