Ghostbusters Comic Issue 11

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"Ghostbusters #11"
Ghostbusters Ongoing Series
Ghostbusters Comic 11 Cover A.jpg
Cover A by Dan Schoening
Release Date July 25, 2012
Publisher IDW Publishing
Story Writer(s) Erik Burnham
Tristan Jones
Penciler(s) Dan Schoening
Colorist(s) Luis Antonio Delgado
Letterer(s) Neil Uyetake
Editor(s) Tom Waltz
Cover Artist(s) Dan Schoening
Luis Antonio Delgado
Tristan Jones
Mike Henderson
Mickey Clausen
Peter Zaragoza
Ghostbusters Ongoing Series
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Ghostbusters Ongoing Series
Haunted America

Continuing west on their cross-country caper, the Ghostbusters head from the mouth of the Mississippi to the Chihuahuan desert, and the city of Roswell. Ray's in heaven with the proliferation of ET attractions in the UFO capital of New Mexico, but will he have time to enjoy it while the ghosts of little green men attack? Haunted America, the Ghostbusters event of the summer, continues here!