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Kenner Products was a toy company founded in 1947 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The founders were three brothers: Albert, Phillip, and Joseph L. Steiner. They named their company 'Kenner' after the street where the original corporate offices were located. Its lines included The Six Million Dollar Man, Star Wars, Super Powers Collection, and of course, The Real Ghostbusters. The company was purchased in mid-1991 by Hasbro and their existing product lines were merged in 2000.

First Series

The first series figures were generally the most sought after, as they featured the four Ghostbusters in their original cartoon jumpsuits. Each figure came with a proton pack and a ghost: Ray Stantz came with the purple Wrapper Ghost, Peter Venkman came with the blue Grabber Ghost, Egon Spengler came with the yellow Gulper Ghost, and Winston Zeddemore came with the orange Chomper Ghost. The molds for this series were reused for later lines (with new paint jobs) and the ghosts made additional appearances as well. The figures were very durable, the notable exception being the pack's easily-broken proton stream. The toys stood about 4 and 1/2" tall with Egon (like the cartoon) being the tallest at 5", and all had 5 points of articulation.

There was a difference between the card art of these figures' first release and their second release a year later, in that they didn`t have the pink color on the figures background. A difference on the toys themselves was the Proton Pack's yellow "cable"; it came out down from the circular part of the pack and not from the center.

Real Ghostbusters: First Series

First Series Ghosts

Even though the first series figures each came with their own ghost to bust, a companion line of much larger ghosts were also released. This line included Bad to the Bone who could hold the figures in his chest and head, H20 Ghost that squirted water, Bug-Eye who when hit had a eye on a string that fired out and best of all a Stay Puft figure (who oddly only stood the same height as the guys) and Slimer who included some food pieces.

Real Ghostbusters: First Series Ghosts

Fright Features

The Fright Features line was the second assortment of human characters and was the first line to feature the Ghostbusters secretary, Janine Melnitz. Each character sported an odd looking suit and came packaged with a mini ghost and weapon. When the arm of the figure was pressed down, a feature would make the character appear frightened by having their eyes bug out, their mouth open, etc.

Super Fright Features

One of the last series of human characters featured the Ghostbusters and Janine in strange futuristic looking space suits. The lever on their back would cause them to appear frightened! Egon Spengler sports a suit that is very similar to the one he wore to enter the Containment Unit in X-Mas Marks The Spot

Screaming Heroes

Power Pack Heroes

Slimed Heroes

Ecto Glow Heroes

First Series Ghosts

Gooper Ghosts

Second Series Ghosts

The second assortment of ghost figures released included Mini ghosts, a few smaller ghosts that were packaged together. The only character from the cartoon featured was a friendly Slimer. When the ripcord ghost was pulled through Pull Speed Ahead, he could roll across the floor as sparks came from his mouth. The Mini Shooter featured two small ghosts that could be fired from the large ghost's mouth by squeezing it.


Gobblin' Goblins


Haunted Vehicles

Firehouse Headquarters


Backpack Heroes