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The Library Ghost in Ghostbusters (1984)

Library Ghost

Ghostbusters (1984)

The Library Ghost (aka The Grey Lady) was the ghost of librarian Eleanor Twitty and the very first ghost that the Ghostbusters encountered. She appears to be a very odd reader as she likes to stack books up in the air. She was a minor character in the first movie and a major character of the Library level of the video game.

In 1984, disturbances were being reported as coming from the New York City Public Library. More recently, a librarian, Alice, fainted due to the disturbances. It is revealed that the trouble is coming from a ghost. The team of three paranormal scientists (Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Egon Spengler), come into the Library for investigation. When the future Ghostbusters were about to act out Ray's plan to "get her", she changed into a terrifying form and scared them away. She was never seen or heard from again until 1991, though it doesn't mean that the Ghostbusters weren't trying to capture her again.

The Library Ghost's Transmogrified form, a reaction to the Ghostbusters attempting to "Get her!"


A scarier version of the "Librarian Ghost" puppet was created, but it was rejected for being too scary. (The film has a PG rating for language and scary moments that are unsuitable for children under age 8, according to director Ivan Reitman and actor / writer Harold Ramis.) It was recycled and reused for the 1985 horror / comedy hit, Fright Night, also released by Columbia Pictures. Richard Edlund and his team did the special effects for both films back to back.


Ruth Oliver was born on April 16, 1910 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Ruth Hale. She was an actress, known for Ghostbusters (1984), Your First Impression (1962) and Trapper John, M.D. (1979). She was married to George Gercke. She died on October 3, 1988

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

The Library Ghost in "Ghostbusters: The Video Game"

In 1991, due to the research of Winston Zeddemore it was revealed that she was the ghost of former Head Librarian of the New York Public Library, Dr. Eleanor Twitty. A new paranormal threat surfaces in New York, and en route to the Museum, the Ghostbusters heard of a ghost outbreak happening at the Library, and stopped to settle an old score. Ray, in particular, is still bitter about their first encounter, and hints that they may have had trouble capturing Eleanor's spirit throughout the years.

While scouting out the archives, Winston discovers information (via a stack of old newspaper clippings) providing insight into The Grey Lady's history and ghostly purpose. The clippings reveals her history and the events in her life which lead to her death (and becoming a ghost). According to the newspaper articles, Eleanor was seduced by a man named Edmund Hoover (also known as The Collector), who was a rather unscrupulous rare book collector. She was unaware that "The Collector" was just using her in order to get to the rare books in her care, including the Gozerian Codex. When she discovered his true motives, she broke off the relationship. Sadly, dumping him all but sealed her fate and he murdered her in cold blood, in a secret section of the Library constructed by Gozer's infamous worshiper and architect, Ivo Shandor.

Winston relays this information while Ray, Egon, & the Rookie are chasing her (the information shocks Ray). During which they come across the Gozerian Codex, which being used as bait as part of trap for the Ghostbusters, however they manage to overcome it an continue their pursuit of her. They eventually find Eleanor in a underground room at a desk quietly reading the Codex. Surprisingly, she allows the Rookie to take it. Upon taking the book, she disappears, causing Ray to believe they had helped her pass on (Ray gives the impression that after learning about her tragic murder, he got over his bitterness towards her), however she suddenly reappears, changing into her "scary form".

She uses the Gozerian books scattered around to generate a energy shield. The team eventually managed to destroy her shield and trap Eleanor, but then some realize that it was too easy to the point it seem to them that she wanted them to have it. While Ray and Egon are pondering this revelation, a portal to an alternate dimension opens up in the room. Egon reveals the portal is a result of the energy produced from their battle with her, which causes the dimensional rip. They surmise that Eleanor did this to lead them to the one who murdered her, a man now known as a powerful ghost calling itself Azetlor the Destroyer.


  • In the 8/5/1983 draft of Ghostbusters, the Library ghost was the 73rd report of a ghost Peter, Ray, and Egon went to investigate while they were at the University.
  • In the "Real Ghostbusters" script for "The Collect Call of Cathulhu," when Ecto-1 departed the Firehouse for the library, there was an exchange between Ray and Peter. Peter referred to the Library ghost in the dialogue. This was omitted in the actual episode.
  • In the "Real Ghostbusters" episode, "The Haunting of Heck House," there is a brief dialogue between Peter and Egon regarding the library incident.