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The humble beginnings of my GB2 Charcoal uniform. 3" Webbing with interfacing on the back just like the originals, 1/4" grommets, and a handful of fobs. Still going to do up one or two more fobs, but this will do for now. Also the beginning of a Belt Gizmo. Update: Now there's a shot of the first pocket I've altered to be more a chest pocket and less a kidney pocket. After I've finished moving the other pocket up I'll be on to the color stripping/dying phase. Update 1/21/12: I'm itching to show my progress on my GB2 Belt Gizmo the Lifegard II. The Belt Gizmo is essentially done, I just have to finish up the daughterboard. UPDATE 1/28/12 So there it is, just about complete. The daughterboard still needs one more resister in the lower right and I'm currently getting the back plate for the trap holster machined. The dye process on the uniform was an interesting challenge, tonight I'll post in Jarius' thread that's stickied in the uniform section. Many thanks to the contributors in that thread and to Phil for his advice! Also to Demon Vice Commander for the use of his template for the Belt Gizmo! --DerGrundel (talk)




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Looking good, sir!


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You da man!

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