Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters

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In 1988, The Real Ghostbusters TV Show went through a reformat to become more 'kid friendly' as it became clear to producers that it's viewer ship was slowly opening up to a more younger crowd that didn't wish to 'be scared'. This led for the show to be given a new title sequence, and slipped into an 'hour long format', with a Ghostbusters Cartoon, followed by the new 'Slimer! Cartoon', staring the Ghostbusters' 'pet ghost', Silmer. It was when the Slimer! Cartoon started to run after the Ghostbusters cartoon, that the show became more 'kiddy' departing from it's usual 'Darker Tone', with the characters now being more one dimensional and the animation taking on more aspects of 'normal' American Saturday morning cartoons. The Show became known as 'Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters'.

The Slimer! Cartoons were vivid, more cartoony and ultimately 'kid friendly' with wacky plots, talking animals and one dimensional characters. The Star was Silmer. , in his adventures in the Sedgewick Hotel (where he haunted in the first Ghostbusters movie.) and his friends the Junior Ghostbusters-- Donald, Catherine and Jason, Chilly Cooper, the Ice Cream Truck Driver, and Luigi, an Italian Chef. Enemies included Manx the Alley Cat, Bruiser the Neighborhood dog and Morris Gout the grumpy hotel manager. The penultimate villain was 'Professor Normal Dweeb' and his poodle 'Elizabeth' however. He was a mad scientist and paranormal researcher who wished to capture Slimer and Experiment on him. He appeared in a few Episodes of 'The Ghostbusters', usually looking down upon them, and deeming the Ghosbusters 'ghost busting' as a mockery of science and research and that his methods are much better and more supreme.

Many older fans of the series did not take very well to the kid-friendly angle, and it began to wane in popularity and at the turn of the decade the Ghostbusters franchise began to slowly wane out of the public eye, leading for the show to be canceled in 1991.

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