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Residence Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA US
Years active 2 years

We I am in IT as Video Conference and Event Coordinator. I took some art in High School. Divorced and I have kids. Decided to create an account because Ghostbusters has always been one of my favorite movies. I want to join because I here this site is a great place with people share ideas on replicas they have created from the movie and I am interesting in building my own unlicensed Nuclear Accelarator.

Favorite movies: Ghostbusters, Aliens, Star Wars Saga, Terminator Movies I also have those guilty pleasures of Weekend at Bernies 2, Short Circuit 2 and the Police Academy movies.

Favorite music: I also DJ some my list of Music is extensive. When I have a rough day and need to relax I listen to El Debarge. When I want to get psyched about going out with some friends I may listen to some Dance Music or even some WuTang

Love 80s music and I like to take over the juke box at crowded bar just to play those songs everyone cant help sing along to.