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The Ecto-OX1 is the Ghostbusters: Oxfordshire main mode of transport, its a converted modern ambulance bought from a private company when the team obtained their HQ. She's utilized with all the basic Ecto-equipment and a few new gadgets, including her own miniature ECU for when we are on multiple busts. Atop the Ecto is two canisters of coolent gas that allow us to stop the small ECU from going haywire. It can only hold about 10 Class V's though and acts merely as a temporary solution should we not have enough traps or a ghost is to strong to stay in a trap for a long period of time. We can fit up to 8 people in the OX1, two seats up front and a two seat bench across from a four seat bench in the back. Its a pretty nice size, allowing us lots of room. Its Used for pretty much every bust done at GBOX. --busterolly (talk)

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