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The whole time I was drawing Slimer I was thinking of who to pair him with, Numemon came to mind. Slimer is paired with one of my favorite Digimon, Numemon. Behind Slimer and Numemon is sludge (aka Digimon poop). The boarder is slim. If you haven't watch or played any of the Digimon games you probably don't know who Numemon is. Numemon is the result of a Digimon who wasn't raised correctly (in Digimon World it is possible to end up with a Numemon more then a dozen times because of; over training, not feeding, resting, and just not meeting the requirements). Numemon live in the sewers of the Digital World (in Digimon World the video game Numemon can be found in the sewers of Factorial Town). Numemon avoid the sun at all cost (by staying in sewers or vending machines), but in the video game that's a different story. Numemon has several different attack, Numemon's main attack is Nume-Sludge ( it basically through it's own poop to defend itself). You can find this on my deviantArt account. Link: --JustGhostbusting (talk)


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