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Bar Graph

The Bar Graph is the vertical scrolling orange light on the Neutrona Wand. Adjacent to the bargraph are 5 circular decals; an empty circle, a circle with a quarter shaded, half shaded, three-quarter shaded and fully shaded. These correspond to the power output of the proton pack. The level is indicated by the bar graph. Upon activation of the electrical generator on the proton pack (but prior to activating the cyclotron) the lowest output is indicated (empty circle).

Switching on the cyclotron using the ACTIVATE switch, indicates quarter circle for quarter stream. The proton pack is now ready to fire.

The positron output dial (small metal circular dial on wand with 1, 2, 3 markings) can further increase the power output to +1 (half stream), +2 (three quarter stream) and +3 (full stream).

Note: The bargraph periodically scrolls up and down to calibrate the current power setting (when switching on, changing power levels, after firing, etc.)

Bar Graph.jpg

At least one GB1 Hero Wand (sometimes referred to as the "Super" Hero Thrower) has been documented as having a fully scrolling light. This particular gun is currently on display in Sony's lobby in California.