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The Bumper is the oddly-shaped horizontal piece of the Proton Pack fitted around the [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/cyclotron/ Cyclotron] and the [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/synchronous-generator / Synchronous Generator] that helps to support the [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/ion-knob/ Ion Knob]. It also has the "Motor-Synchronous" label placed upon it. :



1528_5757188369.jpg ]

[1528_2882087175.jpg 1528_2882087175.jpg ]

(Resin Cast piece, Photo by Exoray)

The Bumper itself is not a "found part". According to member namebrand, the bumper was made from a two-part mold made by the prop makers. Evidence of this can be seen today:

[1528_5951340818.jpg 1528_5951340818.jpg ]

  • Note seam line running horizontally across the bumper