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Kenner Products was a toy company founded in 1947 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The founders were three brothers: Albert, Phillip, and Joseph L. Steiner. They named their company 'Kenner' after the street where the original corporate offices were located. Its lines included The Six Million Dollar Man, Star Wars, Super Powers Collection, and of course, The Real Ghostbusters. The company was purchased in mid-1991 by Hasbro and their existing product lines were merged in 2000.

First Series

Meet The Real Ghostbusters.. wiseguy Peter Venkman, practical Ray Stantz, science-minded Egon Spengler and the ever-helpful Winston Zeddmore [SIC]. Standing 5 1/4" tall, they are articulated at head, arms and legs. Each figure comes with a clip-on Proton Pack and Nutrona Blaster with spinning "laser" action. Each hero also comes with a different ghost companion, which can attach directly onto the figure, for a complete haunt-and-bust play situation.

Real Ghostbusters: First Series

First Series Ghosts

Oh no! They're heading this way... the wildest, weirdest assortment of ghosts you've ever seen - or sold! With all kinds of ways to trap and attack our heroes.

The Stay-Marshmellow Man may be smiling, but he's 6" of ghostly nastiness (larger than hero figures). Articulated at the head and arms.

Green Ghost is always hungry - his mouth can be opened and closed, and he even comes with his own pizza, watermelon and T-Bone steak. He's articulated at the arms and tail.

Buy-Eye shoots a unique weapon: his blood-shot eye, which pops right out of its socket! Thanks to articulated arms, he can also hold his eyeball right in the palm of his hand, so he can see what's behind him.

Bad-To-The-Bone has a rib cage that opens and closes to trap a hero figure inside. When his skull fits over the hero's head, his eyes pop out and his jaw drops. His head is also removable!

H2Ghost is really two complete ghosts that combine to form a single creature. Each of these split personalities squirts a stream of water.

Real Ghostbusters: First Series Ghosts

Fright Features

You'll know there's a ghost around by the look of these Fright Feature Heroes! Each Hero has his own surprise features as well as a new outfit, weapon and new companion ghost! It's always frightening fun with Winston Zeddmore, Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and Janine Melnitz.

Real Ghostbusters: Fright Features

Haunted Humans

Transform these ordinary looking civilians into the Haunted Humans!...

Real Ghostbusters: Haunted Humans

Super Fright Features

You thought our heroes were scared before! Just as they do in programing, the heroes wear new protective suits to enter the domain of the ghosts. When frightened, Peter Venkman, Janine Melnitz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddmore and Ray Stantz each display an all new frightened expression. Each comes with a companion ghost and toy weapon accessory.

Real Ghostbusters: Super Fright Features

Screaming Heroes

Kids will get a real scream out of these heroes! Wind up the figure, attach the ghost, and it lets out a unique screaming sound along with a unique action! Each features action and sound along with new decoration, a large companion ghost, and a new weapon accessory. With features like these, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddmore, and Janine Melnitz will be a howling success.

Power Pack Heroes

Slimed Heroes

Ecto Glow Heroes

First Series Ghosts

Gooper Ghosts

"I've been gooped!" That's the usual response to an encounter with the Gooper Ghost. Each one comes with a 6 oz. can of Ecto-Plasm Play Gel and has a unique way of "gooping" hero figures. Squisher has an upper jaw that can be pushed down to trap a hero in its mouth, simultaneously oozing Goop from his nose and mouth onto the hero. Banshee Bomber is flying ghost with flapping wings who drops Goop onto unsuspecting Ghostbusters as he flies overhead. Sludge Bucket has a mouth - big enough for a hero to fall into 0 which is actually a reservoir of Goop. This slovenly ghost's tail pumps air into his mouth, causing goop to bubble and run down his chin. Meanwhile, his tongue moves from side to side, licking his chops.

Second Series Ghosts


Kenner returns to the Classics with ghosts that appear in "The Real Ghostbusters" T.V. show and are immediately recognizable--the Classic Monsters. The Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, Hunchback and Zombie monsters are scary characters from the pages of history. Each features its own special action: the Wolfman monster spreads his arms and opens his mouth; the Frankenstein monster raises his arms and drops his jaw; the Dracular monster opens his cape and shows his fangs; the Mummy monster loses his head and arm; the Hunchback monster breaks his chains and the Zombie monster raises his arms and turns his eyes.

Gobblin' Goblins


Haunted Vehicles

Firehouse Headquarters

After a long hard day of hunting ghosts, there's no place like home! "Ghost Central" has been recreated here for The Real Ghostbusters heroes and the Ecto-1 vehicle. It includes the "Ghost Pursuit" fire pole which The Real Ghostbusters can slide down, a "Goop Grate" with a 5oz can of Ecto-Plasm play gel, a "Ghost Containment Unit" for storing those menacing ghosts, opening and closing garage doors, and The Real Ghostbusters logo sign. It's hauntingly familiar - seen every week on TV and loads of fun!!


Backpack Heroes