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The belts worn in both films are replica M-1936 Pistol Belts. They were light gray in Ghostbusters and khaki in Ghostbusters II. They hold equipment such as the Belt Gizmo, MT-500 Radio w/ holster, and the Ghost Trap w/ holster, in addition to being a convenient place to hang the black rubber gloves.

Various 3/4" leather key fobs are worn on the belt to carry equipment such as the Neutrona Wand and Ecto Goggles.


- Style 1 is used for hanging the Neutrona Wand from the belt. - Style 2 is used by Ray for hanging the Ecto Goggles from his belt. This style is occasionally seen with a key ring attached. - Style 3 is worn by Egon during the NY filming; this is just a Style 1 fob without the bottom attachment.

Both Venkman and Ray have worn Mag-Lite holsters at differents points in the film (as well as production stills). The holsters appear to be sized for a C-Cell Mag-Lite.



689_9973384789.jpg This modern C-Cell Mag-Lite holster greatly resembles those used in the film.

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