Crank Knob

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The 1-1/4" diameter Crank Knob was made by multiple manufacturers, namely Raytheon, the JAN Hardware Company, and DAR Electronics Inc.

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The crank knobs are mounted on the top area of the Crank Generator. In Ghostbusters they were grey, but were replaced with a black version (possibly painted) in Ghostbusters 2. This is sometimes a good way to identify which movie the pack is from; however some packs from the first movie were repainted and reused.

The knob fits on a 1/4" shaft, and is secured in place with 2 brass set screws.

The Raytheon knob product line and JAN Hardware Company has been acquired by the Electronic Hardware Corporation (EHC). The crank knob is part of the [b]MS91528[/b] Military Series of "spinner" knobs. It has found its way to several familiar applications, but the most household friendly has been the MRC model train power transformers. However, be advised: some transformers come with incorrect knobs that are simply cheap knockoffs of the real thing.

Grey Knob at EHC Part Number MS91528-3S2G (Flat Grey Knob)

Black Knob at EHC Part Number MS91528-3S2B (Flat Black Knob)

Some part numbers associated with the Grey Crank Knobs:

-124B4MC -3S2G -KMS12S2LGRAY -MS91528-3S2G