Displaced Aggression Comic Issue 4

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"Displaced Aggression #4"
Displaced Aggression Comic Series
Displaced Aggression Issue 4 Cover A.jpg
Release Date Dec. 1, 2009
Publisher IDW Publishing
Story Writer(s) Scott Lobdell
Ilias Kyriazis
Penciler(s) Ilias Kyriazis
Michael Dialynas
Colorist(s) Ilias Kyriazis
Michael Dialynas
Armando Durruthy
(Cover B & RI)
Letterer(s) Neil Uyetake
Editor(s) Tom Waltz
Cover Artist(s) Ilias Kyriazis (Cover A)
Nick Runge (Cover B & RI)
Displaced Aggression Comic Series
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Displaced Aggression Comic Series

"A Win-Winston!" While Peter, Ray and Egon were trapped in the time stream, Winston has been waging a guerilla war against Kozar'Rai and his demonic stormtroopers. But before the four of Ghostbusters can celebrate their reunion, they need to stop Kozar'Rai from reassembling Stonehenge in the heart of Central Park! Also, a bonus 8-page back-up story starring Janine, from Ilias Kyriazis and artist Mike Dialynas!