Electrostatic Dissipation Assembly

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The Electrostatic Dissipation Assembly (EDA) is the area in the upper-left of the Proton Pack. It is mostly obscured by the [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/booster-tube/ Booster Tube]. The [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/ion-arm/ Ion Arm] and [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/booster-tube/ Booster Tube] both mount to the face of the EDA. The [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/crank-generator/ Gearbox] is immediately to its right, while the [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/injectors/ Injectors] and [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/power-cell/ Power Cell] are on its left. The bottom of the EDA meets the [/equipment/proton-pack/part-names/attenuator/ Attenuator]. It also features a large red warning label on the top face.