Fiction:"Ghostbusters Reunion" by Egon64

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It was November 1997. The original Ghostbusters Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore had returned and helped the Extreme Ghostbusters capture a swarm of Ecto-Clones and a Class 10 foglike entity. Slimer had eaten the Thanksgiving turkey and the backup turkey. After everyone scolded him, Slimer redeemed himself by using the Big Red Book of Ancient Spells, a book the original Ghostbusters used to return to normal size after being shrunk by one of the Ghostmaster's minions(who now resides in the Containment Unit), to make a third turkey appear. Everyone forgave him. After Peter Venkman finished his turkey, he noticed a nearby PKE Meter give off very high readings. "Looks like we need to stay together a bit longer", he retorted. Garrett looked out the window and saw an army of ghosts being barked orders by a tall, dark ominous figure with red eyes and horns. Egon was rather shocked to see the entity. "I'm sure I saw this entity from before", he said. Sure enough, Ray found the dark demonic figure in a page of Tobin's Spirit Guide. "Shorbach, a Class 12 Summoner", he read aloud. Suddenly, an alarm went on from downstairs. Kylie and Winston quickly went downstairs to try and prevent another containment breach. They saw three Class 3 ghosts opening the Containment Unit and releasing the Ghostmaster, Samhain, the Boogieman, and Surt. All of the ghosts got away and Winston secured the containment grid before any more ghosts got out. All of the Ghostbusters quickly got out and aimed their proton guns at Shorbach. The demon laughed. "Your weapons are useless, Ghostbusters! With four of your mightiest ghosts released, I will conquer humanity and lead all ghostkind into a new golden age!" The Ghostbusters then got into Ecto-1, drove off, and thought up a plan. "It's going to take more than me, Peter, Winston, Ray, Slimer, you four, and Janine", Egon told his apprentices. "We need help from all of our allies!" Roland asked who else they needed and Egon responded by telling them about the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Soul Man, the ghosts of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Drool the Dog-Faced Goblin, the Party Animal Troll, Shifter, Count Vostok, and three children named Jason, Donald, and Catherine. "I'll extract Stay Puft, Soul Man, Sherlock, Watson, Drool, and Siren from the containment grid", volunteered Eduardo. "And I'll use the Ecto-Phone to call the rest of our ghostly allies", said Garrett. Egon told Kylie to go find the children once known as the Junior Ghostbusters. Shorbach ordered his minions to go to the Ghostworld to come up with a plan to defeat the Ghostbusters, becoming aware that some of his henchmen may have been trapped by the Ghostbusters if he lingered any longer. Eduardo used the new containment travel suit to enter the Containment Unit. He got attacked by some past foes he had trapped in his early days as a Ghostbuster, but retaliated with the proton cannons attached to the sleeves of the suit. He then saw the ghosts he was told to get and after telling them he needed their help, asked why they were in the Containment Unit. Stay Puft explained he reformed inside the containment grid after his remains were cleaned up and contained after the defeat of Gozer, and was only let out of the Containment Unit when the Ghostbusters needed his help, whilst expressing happiness of being needed by the Ghostbusters again after so many years. Sherlock Holmes explained how he and Watson let themselves be captured to prevent a ghostly version of Professor Moriarty from absorbing the energy of the imprisoned ghosts. Soul Man told his tale of being the unsung fifth member of the Ghostbusters and his being put in the Containment Unit to prevent ghosts from escaping. Drool muttered something unintelligible and Sherlock Holmes translated it by explaining Drool sacrificed himself to help the Ghostbusters trap a shape-changing phantom. Siren then tagged along and the ghosts got out. The entities known as Wat, Karro Zans, Shanbahac, and Black Bart tried to escape, but were given the taste of proton juice before they could make it out. Count Vostok, the Party Animal Troll, and Shifter all received Garrett's call. While explaining the situation, Garrett thought about how amazing it was to invent a device designed to communicate to paranormal entities. Kylie saw a man with red hair and glasses, a man that looked like he could be a relative of Eduardo's, and a woman with blond hair. After she told them everything, Jason responded with "Sorry, but we do not socialize with phonies such as the Ghostbusters". Kylie then realized that in their adult lives, the Junior Ghostbusters must have left their adventures behind them and moved on. However, the three relented when Kylie mentioned that Samhain and the Boogieman have been released. The mere mention of these two enemies of the Ghostbusters were enough to make their old Junior Ghostbusters adventures come back to them. The Ghostbusters appreciated the reunion and came up with a plan. Shifter, Stay Puft, and the other ghostly allies of the Ghostbusters were to work as double agents and catch Shorbach's minions using Mark-1 ghost traps, while the Ghostbusters and the ex-Junior Ghostbusters would use the new equipment to recapture the four ghosts and trap Shorbach. In a short while, Shorbach's entire army was trapped. Samhain and the Boogieman immediately recognized the Junior Ghostbusters and belittled them. "What are you gonna do, crybabies? Wet your pants and run home to mommy?", teased the Boogieman. "No, I think they'll cry their lungs out first", added Samhain. "We're not kids anymore", snapped Catherine as she fired a proton stream at Samhain. "Get the other two". barked Samhain to the Boogieman as he got sucked into a trap. The Boogieman was no luckier than Samhain, and was angered to find out he was still non-corporeal and thus trappable. The last thing he said before he was recaptured was "Not again!", reflecting on the time he escaped the Containment Unit and got recaptured. The original Ghostbusters recaptured the Ghostmaster and the Extreme Ghostbusters recaptured Surt. This left only Shorbach to face. Shorbach was too powerful at first. Even the strongest proton blast only bounced off of him. Suddenly, the ghost of Tobin appeared. Egon inquired why Tobin had come back from the dead when he was killed by Tobin, and the author of Tobin's Spirit Guide answered "Just because you failed to prevent my death doesn't mean I should fail to prevent yours". Tobin then fired bolts of energy at Shorbach. The bolts were so strong, Shorbach fell to the ground and writhed in pain. "Get him now while he's still weak!", shouted Tobin before disappearing. All Ghostbusters then fired at Shorbach, but were out of ghost traps. "How can we capture him", asked Roland. "We still have the Ecto-Garbage Truck", replied Ray. Slimer then drove the Ecto-Garbage Truck to the scene and pressed a button that opened the giant trap, effectively trapping Shorbach. The Ghostbusters then restored all ghosts to the Containment Unit, along with all newly-captured ghosts. The Junior Ghostbusters then said their goodbyes and went away, but not without promising to be available when they were needed. Count Vostok returned to his home in Europe, and Shifter and the troll returned to their current homes. Siren, Stay Puft, Sherlock, Watson, and Drool returned to the Containment Unit, enjoying their adventure.


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