Ghostbusters: The Video Game Minimates

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What was initially supposed to be released with the "Slimer Edition" of the Ghostbusters Video Game exclusively from, they were held back and released as the 3rd series in 4 packs available from Diamond Select Toys. These figures are the only "all ghost" pack released and based on creatures seen only in the Ghostbusters Video Game.

Azetlor - Chef Demassi - Black Slime Monster - The Architect
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[table][row][cell] [1506_7077396833.jpg 1506_7077396833.jpg ] [/cell][cell] Otherwise known as The Collector, Azetlor once dated Eleanor Twitty (the Librarian) to gain access to the Gozarian Codex. He killed many in his quest and eventually sealed it in the bowels of the New York Public Library. In 1991 The Librarian lead the Ghostbusters to the Codex to assist them in destroying Azetlor once and for all.

Azetlor's minimate is made of a translucent plastic with the details of his Mask and what looks like boulder's painted around it, making it appear to be an body assembled by rubble off the ground. While not the best represented mate, he is a nice addition to the ghostly mates. [/cell][/row][/table]


[1506_5186395156.jpg 1506_5186395156.jpg ] [1506_6349013229.jpg 1506_6349013229.jpg ] [1506_7559930156.jpg 1506_7559930156.jpg ] [1506_6289764661.jpg 1506_6289764661.jpg ]

Chef Demassi

[table][row][cell] [1506_944878888.jpg 1506_944878888.jpg ] [/cell][cell] Chef Demassi (or Deforest depending on the game version you play) is a mini boss in Return to the Sedgewick. He and his fry-cook minions take over the kitchen of the Sedgewick and wreak havok.

His minimate is the best representation of the 4 game exclusive ghosts. The detail on his face and shirt are fantastic and he even comes with his checkered apron. He also comes with a lop-sided stand and his head is a little longer than normal minimates to show off his chef's hat. [/cell][/row][/table]


[1506_2796810363.jpg 1506_2796810363.jpg ] [1506_339729167.jpg 1506_339729167.jpg ] [1506_5453533237.jpg 1506_5453533237.jpg ] [1506_6318571502.jpg 1506_6318571502.jpg ]

Black Slime Monster

[table][row][cell] [1506_8128917464.jpg 1506_8128917464.jpg ] [/cell][cell] The Black Slime Monster is, well, a Monster made entirely of Black Slime. It hurdles large balls of goo and it's large size can knock down even the best of 'busters.

The mini version of the BSM is another well crafted mini, even having the grooves of its spine portuding from it's slimy back.

The BSM also comes with a long chain & hook to attack the Ghostbusters with. [/cell][/row][/table]


[1506_7998595144.jpg 1506_7998595144.jpg ] [1506_3883183017.jpg 1506_3883183017.jpg ] [1506_4078764059.jpg 1506_4078764059.jpg ] [1506_3927801009.jpg 1506_3927801009.jpg ]

The Architect

[table][row][cell] [1506_7291909572.jpg 1506_7291909572.jpg ] [/cell][cell] SPOILER ALERT! The Architect, otherwise known as Ivo Shandor's Destructor Form is not much like his in-game counterpart. Most notably he doesn't have any horns. The 'dress' he's wearing is supposed to represent molten rock flowing down his body, and his hood looks more like dread locks.

Ivo comes with a translucent fireball with which to throw in the final battle. [/cell][/row][/table]


[1506_9739145529.jpg 1506_9739145529.jpg ] [1506_2003393276.jpg 1506_2003393276.jpg ] [1506_7041838034.jpg 1506_7041838034.jpg ] [1506_410680762.jpg 1506_410680762.jpg ]



FireBall (The Architect)

[1506_5492946063.jpg 1506_5492946063.jpg



Hook & Chain (Black Slime Monster)

[1506_9775841590.jpg 1506_9775841590.jpg





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