Ghostbusters Comic Issue 15

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"Ghostbusters #15"
Ghostbusters Ongoing Series
Ghostbusters Comic 15 Cover.jpg
Cover A by Dan Schoening
Release Date November 28, 2012
Publisher IDW Publishing
Story Writer(s) Erik Burnham,
Tristan Jones
Penciler(s) Dan Schoening
Colorist(s) Luis Antonio Delgado
Editor(s) Tom Waltz
Cover Artist(s) Dan Schoening,
Luis Antonio Delgado,
Tristan Jones
Ghostbusters Ongoing Series
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Ghostbusters Ongoing Series

The unexpected aftereffects of the knock-off proton packs utilized by the Ghost-Smashers have unleashed one very juiced up ghost on the city of New York! If even the tried and true equipment of the real Ghostbusters can't stop this thing... what can? Find out in the latest issue of the ongoing Ghostbusters!