Ghostbusters Comic Issue 5

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"Ghostbusters #5"
Ghostbusters Ongoing Series
Ghostbusters Comic 5 Cover A.jpg
Cover A by Dan Schoening
Release Date January 18, 2012
Publisher IDW Publishing
Story Writer(s) Erik Burnham,
Tristan Jones (P.C.O.C.)
Penciler(s) Dan Schoening
Colorist(s) Luis Antonio Delgado
Letterer(s) Neil Uyetake
Editor(s) Tom Waltz
Cover Artist(s) Dan Schoening,
Luis Antonio Delgado,
Nick Runge (Variant)
Jose Holder (Variant)
Ghostbusters Ongoing Series
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Ghostbusters Ongoing Series

The smash-hit ongoing series continues in this second story arc! Thanks to the results of their latest adventure, P.C.O.C. chief Walter Peck punishes the Ghostbusters by using the contract the team signed with the city to bar them from doing their jobs... at least until they meet his "reasonable physical requirements" for ghostbusting work. While they groan about having to lose weight and look for a loophole to Peck's authority, strange things are brewing outside Schenectady.