I Am the City

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"I Am the City"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 2
Original air date November 23, 1987 (1987-11-23)
Episode chronology
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"A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn"
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"Last Train to Oblivion"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 2
Real Ghostbusters: Episode Guide

Marduk the Babylonian God of the Cities, has come to live in New York, the ultimate city in the world! But his old-age enemy has followed him, intent on mass destruction!




  • Marduk assumes twelve different civilian forms.
  • Ray flies a helicopter that looks like exactly like Ecto-2 but is not colored as much at all.
  • There is a computer version of Tobin's Spirit Guide.
  • Peter references Smokey the Bear.
  • Toward the beginning of the episode, Marduk walks toward what looks to be Tavern on the Green which is where Louis Tully encounters a Terror Dog in the first Ghostbusters movie.
  • Marduk asking the Ghostbusters if they are gods is a direct reference to Gozer's question in the first Ghostbusters movie.
  • The Ghostbusters are up against a Babylonian god. In the first Ghostbusters movie, Egon corrects Winston about Gozer being Sumerian, not Babylonian. This could be a subtle reference to that scene.