Ion Knob (Shock Mount/Knob)

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The Ion Knob (also referred to as the "Shock Mount") is a large ribbed cylindrical piece on the Proton Pack. It is connected to the Cyclotron via a hole drilled through the Bumper, and for the GB2 retrofit then passing into the pack shell, where it is tightened on the inside.

The Ion Knobs used in the first film were actually inflatable metal bellows, while the ones used in Ghostbusters II on the Semi-Hero Packs were resin copies.

[1542_2355607874.jpg 1542_2355607874.jpg ]

[1542_6585607128.jpg 1542_6585607128.jpg ]

This part is believed to be a metal bellow, due to photos of damage on the real prop and Ray's bent version in the Sedgewick Hotel lobby. Other arguments exist, however.

[1542_5013549612.jpg 1542_5013549612.jpg ]

The Ion Knob itself has been reproduced in resin and machined aluminum.