Leg Hose Connector

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The Leg Hose Connector is sewn on the left thigh on the Ghostbusters 1 uniform, the Khaki uniform used in Ghostbusters 2, and the khaki Video Game Uniform. It is believed to be a Gasket of some kind. From the Leg Hose Connector is a yellow hose for Ghostbusters 1 and the Video Game uniform while a clear hose was used in Ghostbusters 2. It is believed to be cast in rubber.

The Leg Hose Connector is not present on the Charcoal Ghostbusters 2 uniform.

Sony lobby reference photo of Ghostbusters 2 uniform showing a rubber Leg Hose Connector:


Ghostbusters 1 screen grab showing the leg hose connector and yellow tubing on the uniform:



Ghostbusters 2 Screen grab showing the clear hose on the khaki uniform:


Ghostbusters 2 screen grab showing there is not a clear hose or leg hose connector on the charcoal uniform.