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Real Ghostbusters episode
Masquerade Title.jpg
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 57
Written by Craig Miller & Mark Nelson
Original air date December 1, 1987 (1987-12-01)
Episode chronology
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"Hard Knight's Day"
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"Deadcon 1"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 2
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When Little Kenny Fenderman claims to have joined to Ghostbusters, he is ridiculed by a group of local kids so he decides to pay the Ghostbsuters a visit and see if he can become part of the team for real. Peter humors him by telling him he is an official member of the Ghostbusters Auxiliary and gives him a special pin to make it official. Kenny asks Peter if he can have a piece of Ghostbusting equipment so Peter, unknowingly, gives him the experimental Ecto Aroma Eliminator(EAE) that Egon has been working on. Kenny returns to the park to show the kids who teased him that he is indeed a Ghostbuster, however, they still don't believe him and suggest that he spend the night alone in an old but well-known haunted house, General Hollowell's house, to prove he is a Ghostbuster. After realizing that there is a ghost there, he activates the EAE thinking it will dispose of General Holloway's ghost but instead starts to overload the EAE creating the potential for a devastating explosion. After realizing that Kenny has turned on the EAE, the Ghostbusters immediately head for the house only to find Kenny hanging from the Chandelier. The Ghostbusters head up the stairs to confront General Hollowell's ghost and find his PKE energy level is too high to be contained by a ghost trap. Peter and the boys decide that if the EAE explodes just as the ghost is trapped, it should be enough force to discorporate the ghost and allow the trap to contain it.


  • Kenny Fenderman: A young boy who wants to be a Ghostbuster. He dresses up in a uniform with a homemade "Proton Pack" with a flashlight attached. He is teased by the other children for telling them he is a Ghostbuster.
  • Willie: A big kid who bullies Kenny and laughs at his aspirations to become a Ghostbuster. He has a nickname for Kenny, "Fenderbender"
  • Cindy: A cute girl who hangs out with Willie and his friends.
  • General Hollowell's Ghost: The Ghost of an old General who lived in a large house atop a hill. Kenny is dared by Willie to spend the night alone in the house after bragging about being a Ghostbuster and showing them the EAE. General Hollowell's Ghost controls everything in the house and is too powerful even for the Ghostbuster's Ghost Trap to hold.


  • Kenny Fenderman, the main character of the episode is voiced by Soleil Moon-Frye, also known as TV's "Punky Brewster"
  • The pin that Peter give to Kenny as an official Ghostbusters Auxiliary badge turns out to be a pin from New York's World's Fair in 1964.