Mattel: Ray Stantz Figures

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12" Figures

1513_4289034987.jpg The 12 inch Ray Stantz was the first 12 inch Ghostbuster made by Mattel. The model is a very well done piece that shows off Ray's features and his equipment. The flightsuit is just like the movie with name tag and logo's, along with the boots and belt. The Proton Pack on his back is very accurate for a 12 inch model and even lights up just like in the movie. Ray also comes with a pair of ecto goggles that can be kept on his head, his eyes, or put off to the side.

6" Figures

Classic Ray Stantz

Hey! It's Ray! He's finally here, and he's ready to get rid of ghastly ghosts.

Based on the classic films, this 6" fully-articulated Ray Stantz™ eradicates ectoplasm with his authentic Ghostbusters™ proton pack. He also includes a special pack-in figure of the Ghostbusters™ logo on a stand, with a glow-in-the-dark ghost that can be removed from the classic red slash.


The Ray figure was the first of the 6 inch figures from Mattel. This figure is highly accurate figure for 6 inches. However, the face does seem to be all that recognizable. The Proton Pack is highly accurate for a 6inch figure, but has no lights. The Proton Gun can be held in Ray's hands for photo shoots or playing with. The figure also comes with a stand that holds the famous No-Ghost logo with a detachable circle so Ray can fight the white Ghost inside. This figure is a great 6 inch start for Mattel, and great for any collection.

Labcoat Ray Stantz

Courtroom Ray Stantz

Ghostbusters™ fans, rejoice… justice is about to be served, paranormal style! The Ghostbusters™ 6” line comes to a milestone with this ever-important figure to complete your collection. Ray Stantz is ready to fight for his rights dressed for court in a suit, tie and non-removable proton pack. He arrives along with slimy tough guy Tony Scoleri, who’s back from the great beyond to resume his wicked ways. Team Ray up with the 6” Peter Venkman (Courtroom) figure (sold separately) so that they can work together to clear the court of all errant ectoplasm!

Slime Blower Ray Stantz