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The Motherboard is the backbone of any [/equipment/plans/elite-proton-pack-plans/ Proton Pack] build. The pack shell is attached to the motherboard by way of "L" brackets at four points and to the [/equipment/proton-pack/alice-pack-frame/ ALICE] frame at three (two in the existing holes in the frame, the third on the middle vertical bar mid-way between the horizontal middle bar and the top bar). Electronics kits, batteries and sound systems are also mounted to the motherboard inside the pack shell.

Foam stunt pack

Screen-used GB2 Stunt Pack with Aluminum Motherboard

1531_4020643379.jpg Laser cut motherboard cut to Stefan's plan dimensions 1/8"/ .125" thick aluminum Photo by MultiMediaMayhem

Motherboards can also be made from other materials such as wood, styrene or MDF [Medium Density Fibreboard] depending on your budget.

While plans for the motherboard exist if you are making your own, these plans often differ, so it is recommended that you make or build the shell first and then trace its outline onto your chosen motherboard material to ensure a proper fit.